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The Official Newsletter of the West Point Parents Club of Mississippi
Volume 2003 • Issue 1 January / February
••• Cadet Birthdays & Other Announcements•••

Armed Forces Museum, Camp Shelby (Hattiesburg), MS

Some Thoughts by Milton Waldoff, President

New or Prospective Cadet and Parent Link

Editorial by Douglas Belk, Ph.D., Webmaster & President-elect

Guest Author (Jere Forbus' moving article"Upon Fields of Friendly Strife ..." about the state of Army football)

Cadet Perspective (Interesting indeed!)

Cadet Features (Birthdays, Recognitions, etc.)

Special Points of Interest


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Happy Birthday to the Cadets & Alumni for Quarter 3, 2003

Jonathan Tullos
June 10
Maurio Smith
June 14
Mark Askew
June 18
Jonathan Bartusiak
June 21
Luke Carpenter
July 13
Jonathan Armstrong
July 20
Jake Eckert
July 22
Aaron King
July 28
Meagan Belk
August 1
Adam Byrd
August 10
Jack Noblin
August 31

The best of your forthcoming birthday and the many to come!

Well wishers may visit one of the many web sites to wish these alumni or cadets a most happy birthday. You'll need their e-mail address to get the cards to them. (We can't give out personal info on cadets.) Just to name a few online, web-based card sites (we endorse none):


Blue Mountain


Search Google for more free greetings sites...


Parents / Cadets: Your Help Is Needed

We'd love to talk about and brag on your cadet, or you as a cadet. To help us do just that, we have provided two forms: one that will inform us of what is happening in your or your cadet's life as you or s/he goes through West Point; the other is a cadet profile form that we'd like to use to create your or your cadet's profile as your or s/he nears the end of their cadet tenure and soon-to-become graduates. For all cadets or their parents who would like to inform us of their cadet experiences, please use our online Cadet Information form. For those of you who are into your second semester of your Cow (junior) or into your Firstie (senior) year, please help us tell about you or your cadet by using the Cadet Profile Information & Picture form. At last count, we have six (6) firsties and four (4) cows just waiting to be told about, and time is running out to profile our firsties! Please get us your information, soon. We'll publish the profiles in classification order (firsties, cows) and in the order received.

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