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Welcome to Information Links about
the United States Military Academy
at West Point, NY

We hope that from the site links below that you can find what you are looking for about the United States Military Academy. While this listing is anything but conclusive, we do hope it'll give you a great overview of West Point, it's location, and very helpful sites as you consider your future or pursue your endeavors there. We'll continue to add links as we receive suggestions from other experienced West Point alumni, cadets, parents, and friends or find them as we continue to search for more and more about West Point. Visit us and this site in each issue!

"West Point Military Academy: Off the Record"
Ryan Peckyno, a 2001 graduate of West Point, recently wrote a book, "West Point Military Academy: Off the Record", which is for sale online at and Barnes&  He states that this is a great resource for both current and potential cadets, as well as family.  Please consider visiting the website or either of the other two online retailers, and hopefully recommending this book to parents of cadets and potential ones as well. (Ed. notes: Parts of the book can be previewed at It IS a neat book. Wished I had it sooner! IF YOU PURCHASE THE BOOK, BE SURE TO LAUNCH FROM THE AMAZON BAR AT RIGHT TO GIVE THE CLUB CREDIT FOR PURCHASES!)

New Cadet Handbook - An excellent resource for new cadets or prospective cadets and their parents is available for viewing by the WPPC of MD-DC-VA. A new cadet handbook is coveted prize of any plebe parent, and will help prepare the parents of prospective cadets for what lies ahead. To view the handbook, please follow the links: View it online | Download it to my computer. (The handbook file is a large one (over 3MB) and will take a short while to open online and maybe not quite as long to download. Either way, patience is indeed a virtue.) If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, click here. Our special thanks to the wonderful folks at the WPPC of MD-DC-VA for sharing their hard work and efforts with us!

Please visit the WPPC-MS web site often to find out more details. Since we now have a budding e-mail list, we'll try our best to send out notifications to our parents, their cadets, and any prospective cadet and / or their parents who've requested to be on our mailing list.

Prospective-Net: Prospective-Net is a listserv (e-mail list) for prospective USMA candidates and their family to explore options, learn deadlines for applications, and discuss their thoughts and concerns regarding entering the United States Military Academy At West Point.
Plebe-Net: Plebe-Net is a listserv (e-mail list) for the parents of West Point Plebes. It is intended to allow an exchange of information and support among the parents of the 4th class cadets.

The members of this e-mail list are Plebe parents, and a few Yuk (also known as "yearling" also known as third class) parents. When you join this e-mail list, you should also join (by clicking on these names and going to the websites to join)

Click here to view a map of West Point. By clicking on the link below the map, you can discover closer or distant views of West Point in relation to its surroundings.
WP-ORG: WP-ORG is an Internet community of 25,000 West Point graduates, parents of cadets and midshipmen, friends of West Point and Annapolis. WP-ORG is run by volunteer grads and parents who manage over 300 listservs in support of most USMA classes, 51 West Point Societies, 41 West Point Parents Clubs and other parent sites. We host many other significant lists such as the WP-Forum, the Parents Forum, about 30 cadet activity and sports lists. We offer the same to USNA parents, with a growing number of them joining us each day. We gladly host Navy Parent Club sites. All of our lists are run free of charge. Where in the world is West Point? Just over 50 miles north of New York City, West Point sits on a peninsula and creates a most magnificent harbor along the Hudson River. There are many, many stories to tell about West Point and the history of the Hudson. But, space won't permit it in this section. Instead, please take the time to visit the best-looking military academy web site around: The United States Military Academy's web site

Map Courtesy of

Click here for a spectacular, breathtaking view of the West Point campus in West Point, NY ...

We'll gladly take your suggestions for links that may better inform our prospective or new cadets to West Point and their parents. If you wouldn't mind sharing them with us, please send us an e-mail with the URL (Internet address) in form. Thanks!

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