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Milton Waldoff, Past-President, strongly urges that you visit our parents club web site. He thinks you'll find it quite interesting, especially if you haven't visited it before. It will be updated on a more frequent basis, since we moving toward becoming an online community.

"West Point Military Academy: Off the Record" (New Book!)
Ryan Peckyno, a 2001 graduate of West Point, recently wrote a book, "West Point Military Academy: Off the Record", which is for sale online at and Barnes&  He states that this is a great resource for both current and potential cadets, as well as family.  Please consider visiting the website or either of the other two online retailers, and hopefully recommending this book to parents of cadets and potential ones as well. (Ed. notes: Parts of the book can be previewed at It IS a neat book. Wished I had it sooner! IF YOU PURCHASE THE BOOK, BE SURE TO LAUNCH FROM THE AMAZON BAR AT RIGHT TO GIVE THE CLUB CREDIT FOR PURCHASES!)

Parents / Cadets, help us, please! We'd love to talk about and brag on your cadet, or you as a cadet. To help us do just that, we have provided two forms: one that will inform us of what is happening in your or your cadet's life as you or s/he goes through West Point; the other is a cadet profile form that we'd like to use to create your or your cadet's profile as your or s/he nears the end of their cadet tenure and soon-to-become graduates. For all cadets or their parents who would like to inform us of their cadet experiences, please use our online Cadet Information form. For those of you who are into your second semester of your Cow (junior) or into your Firstie (senior) year, please help us tell about you or your cadet by using the Cadet Profile Information & Picture form. At last count, we have six (6) firsties and seven (7) cows just waiting to be highlighted. We like to publish your upperclass cadet information, soon. We'll publish the profiles in classification order (firsties, cows) and in the order received.

New Cadet Handbook - An excellent resource for new cadets or prospective cadets and their parents is available for viewing by the WPPC of MD-DC-VA. A new cadet handbook is coveted prize of any plebe parent, and will help prepare the parents of prospective cadets for what lies ahead. To view the handbook, please follow the links: View it online | Download it to my computer. (The handbook file is a large one (over 3MB) and will take a short while to open online and maybe not quite as long to download. Either way, patience is indeed a virtue.) If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, click here. Our special thanks to the wonderful folks at the WPPC of MD-DC-VA for sharing their hard work and efforts with us!

DATED INFO: Milton also wants to call your attention to the National Geographic series, "Surviving West Point", Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, which aired from January 4 to March 29, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. It is a wonderful series of shows where you meet the latest crop of West Point students, and follow them to graduation. It does give some insight to the rigors, discipline, and high expectations of the cadets at West Point. To purchase a tape of this series, please call 866 280 3460 (US and Canada only).

When watching a recent Today Show on the local NBC-TV affiliate, Milton was not totally surprised to find out these facts about West Point:

The Princeton Review's latest finding for colleges, based on many factors, from the biggest partying school to the toughest to get in to:

number 7: Toughest to get into
number 8: Stone-cold sober schools
number 13: Best overall academic experience for undergraduates
number 13: Professors make themselves accessible
number 18: Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution
number 19: Professors get high marks

Found! ... a great article about West Point: "Institute of Excellence"

"What Is An American?" Read more-->>

If you read nothing else in this newsletter, read this: "Disarming A Country" by Thomas Sowell. If a chill doesn't crawl your spine when reading this, then nothing will... This is an excellent account of why we send our children to West Point, and admire those who have preserved and will continue to preserve the freedom, liberties, and justice we now have, and hope to keep.

Cadets of West Point - An invitation to bolster the status and information of our West Point cadets and alumni - Read more -->>

Class Crest Afghans by the WPPC of MD-DC-VA are now for sale. Read more -->>

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Graduation Parade 2002 video released ... Read more -->>

Throw Away the Records, Army vs Navy Always Matters! Read more -->>

(Repeat article) Plebe-Net: Plebe-Net is a listserv (e-mail list) for the parents of West Point Plebes. It is intended to allow an exchange of information and support among the parents of the 4th class cadets.

The members of this e-mail list are Plebe parents, and a few Yuk (also known as "yearling" also known as third class) parents. When you join this e-mail list, you should also join (by clicking on these names and going to the websites to join).

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