2017 Tailgate Army v Temple

WPPC-IL Tailgate
Army vs. Temple
Saturday October 21, 2017
As an annual tradition during the Parents’ Weekend each fall, WPPC-IL is hosting group seating for the USMA vs Temple football game and a tailgate party following the game.  While the two events work in conjunction with one another, you are not required to do either or both.
Please see flyers below on 1) ordering football tickets to sit with the club; 2) Information on the Tailgate following the game; 3) Tailgate sign-up sheet to RSVP.
To keep costs low, we will be providing our own food and food prep. The tailgate is free to club members and $20/person for non-members. The sign-up sheet includes food and volunteer needs.  
Flyer on Tickets.  
Flyer on Tailgate
Sign-up Sheet Flyer .
We are also soliciting donations to defray the club's expenses.  The club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and donations are tax deductible. 

Resources and More Information

Deb Dalton– parent liaison at WP- request to be added to her email list as well as the class Fb page; email her at deb.dalton@usma.edu
West Point Parents’ Club of Illinois 
   Facebook (closed group, ask to join):
   or search for west point parents club of Illinois
Official West Point Links:
   Official West Point website parents page (the straight skinny direct for Deb):
Unofficial resources:
   Facebook: West Point Moms (there are some nuts on here but can be good info)
   West-Point.Org – back before Facebook and Deb Dalton there was West-Point.Org.  They have some good info and they host parent club websites for free.
   Service Academy Forum.  This can be a useful resource to search for information.  The moderators are great and answer questions.
Spin -off pages from the WP Mom’s- prayer page, Mom’s Bake, Fitness, 300 Boodle Brigade, many more- search the files and request to join those that interest you!
The Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point (available on Amazon)- written by 2 WP moms.  A MUST READ!
Further questions:
Any board member (contact info in PP Handbook) and lots more information in the appendices.
Two items recommended to be completed before ANY kid leaves for ANY college– Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy.  Contact your attorney or Google the state Bar Assn. for more information and free forms.  Follow the instructions as some forms need to be signed in front of a notary.