Meeting Minutes for May 14, 2013

Executive Board Conference Call Minutes May 14, 2013


Attendance:  Kathy Altonji, Joe Altonji, Janine Mogan, Lisa Ramondi, Heather St. Amour, Melissa Oakley, Bill Oakley, Nancy Shares

Call to Order: President Kathy Altonji called the meeting to order via con-call at 7:33 PM.

President: Kathy confirmed that all Board members were able to give their updates for contact information on the spreadsheet emailed out.

Treasurer: No report.

Secretary:  Minutes from final conference call meeting on 4/21/2013 from 2012-2013 board were previously reviewed and filed for audit.

Membership:  Heather St. Amour stated that when reaching out to families for the picnic, it is a good time to remind them about membership and paying dues. 

Kathy Altonji will get in touch with Paul Fischl about mass emailing current cadet families whether they belong to the club or not. 

Melissa Oakley asked if the club has a facebook page.  It was determined that the club does not.  Melissa & Bill Oakley will plan to create one where more information can be shared and possibly attract more members.

Firsties Brunch:  There was no Firsties brunch this year.  Kathy Altonji stated that the Firsties are not home at the time that the brunch takes place and attendance has not been very high.  She suggested holding it at a place near West Point and to create whatever we want as a group when our child is a Firstie.  The club will alway purchase the flags that flew over the capitol, a flag box and create a certificate. The club also pays for the ad in the book to congratulate the graduating Illinois cadets.


Upcoming Events:

Plebe Parent Welcome/Picnic:  Lisa Ramondi stated that Renee Miller was handling most of the picnic and everything was in order.  Lisa & Cindy Gosard’s role as new co-coordinators will be to learn from Renee this year and take over the planning and organizing next year.  Kathy offered that the picnic will take place on June 9, 2013 from 4-7PM.  At 4 PM all plebe families and anyone interested in being a mentor family will arrive.  At 4:45 PM the non-mentor families will arrive.  2016 families asked to bring appetizers or sides, 2015 desserts, and 2014 drinks in a cooler.  Lisa has found a good deal for sandwiches.  Kathy Altonji mentioned that the club would formally “thank” the vendor who makes the sandwiches for the picnic.  Renee Miller has asked for anyone who has West Point decorations, to bring with to the picnic to decorate the room. 

At this point, Renee Miller has contact information for 9 of the 37 Illinois cadets for the Class of 2017.  3 of those 9 are already members and have paid their membership.  The invites for the picnic and membership should go out soon. Discussion was made about reaching out to the new cadets to invite them to the picnic via email or phone once we have their contact info.  All Board members are asked to take part.  A final request for the picnic is to invite any cadets who are home to attend and be available for new families.  Renee Miller has 3 confirmed at this point.  There will be a moderator to keep the Q & A session moving along. Kathy Altonji will be ordering a gift for Eric & Denise Gibson for their service to the club and there will be a short presentation.


Letter writing: 

No date or location has been chosen yet but Kathy Altonji suggested that it happen in early July. Janine Mogan offered her music store that can comfortably fit 100-150 people.  It is located in Naperville.  All were in agreeance to hosting it at this location.  Kathy Altonji will contact Janine Mogan to choose a date & time.

Fall Picnic:  Kathy Altonji suggested having a panel of West Point alums to bring in a different subject matter at the picnic.  However, if going this route, the Northfield location would not be big enough. After much discussion, it was decided that we would make this a separate event with alumni and host it in January.  She invited anyone who may be interested in helping to organize this event to contact her via email.  It was also decided that the Fall picnic would take place at the Northfield location again.

Ongoing Business:

New Business:  Kathy Altonji stated that West Point recently changed the leadership conference for incoming President’s to take place around A Day rather than Sandhurst.  She will forward that information to Bill & Melissa Oakley to have for next year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Shares, Secretary