2009 Winter Newsletter

The Better Late Than Never News

Robert Delaney made the debate team. He was one of only a handful of plebes that did. Megan Elliott, 2011, Protestant Chapel Choir, and Claire Heid, 2010, Catholic Choir sang at a combined performance in Avalon, New Jersey.. Claire Heid, Mundelein, IL.  I’m currently the Battalion Commander for first battalion, first regiment—The Legion. I am a chemistry major with a nuclear engineering tract and hope to branch Engineers.   This past summer I attended CLDT, Airborne school, and an AIAD to Vietnam and Cambodia with the International Relations Department.  I am involved with Crew, Ultrarunning, American Chemical Society (executive officer), Ring and Crest Committee (first regiment representative), and Catholic Choir. The first picture is me getting “ring pooped” by the plebes. 

This is my mom and me at the banquet.

At last, Army beats Navy on a football field

Here is a photo of Devon Moon, 2013, Company A-3, from the jumbotron screen at the Army-Navy game as he was introduced for the final field goal kicking event in the 2009 Patriot Games.  This event was held on Friday and Saturday of Army-Navy Week and pitted West Point Cadets against Naval Academy Midshipmen in four contests – the "Rocky Relay" (5 one-armed pushups, 25 jump ropes, and a sprint up the steps at the Art Museum, relay style with teams of five each), a putting contest at the indoor pep relly at the Liberty Mall, and a basketball free-throw shooting contest at the Army-Navy Gala (all Friday), with the grand finale being a 20 yard field goal kicking contest on the field just before the game started.  Army won the field goal contest 4-3.  Devon was the last to go for Army and made his field goal to put Army up 4-3.  The final Midshipman missed, sealing the win for Army! 

Picture of Devon

Press Release: 


Amatuer Video of the Field Goal Kicking:http://vodpod.com/watch/2718726-army-navy-game-2009-patriot-games-competition 

Firstie news:

Chris McCole branched Infantry.

Dan Rupprecht branched Signal Corps.

David Carlson and Nick Vottero branched Engineers

Kevin Flett branched aviation.  He will report to Fort Rucker, AL for two years of flight training (helicopters).

Joe Brown branched Field Artillery and he is engaged to Heather Atkin of Tooele, Utah! 

Elliot Gardner of Wheaton, IL has branched Military Intelligence with Infantry Branch Detail. This means that he'll spend his first service tour in infantry as a platoon leader, then will transition to Military Intelligence. He was the Executive Officer of the 1st Battalion ("Legion") this past fall and will be the Military Development Officer this spring for his company, the D-1 Ducks. Go Ducks!" 

Grad News:

Court Harris is an '07 grad, and his parents Michelle and David were active WPPCI members while he was a Cadet.  Court recently returned in October from his first deployment to the Mideast.  He was the Exec Officer (XO) of his company, but soon after his return he was pulled up to Brigade level to become the Assistant S-4.  So he is now the Assistant S-4 of the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade based at Ft. Bliss, TX. 

See you all at the Boodle meeting on Jan. 31!