I enjoy taking photos and  publishing them. Below are a few that I've collected. I hope you enjoy them. Please remember that they are not for unauthorized publication. Click on any of the pictures to go see more photos of that subject.

I1 Ext trot Oct 2002 Bandit and Bonney jumping an Oxer
                                                                    2002 Intermediare I HOY Adult Amatuer USDF                Our former Career as eventer/jumper wannabes

Spooky Bon and Spoo - Summer 1991
                                                                    Spooky - sadly passed away in 1997 from CRF

Rocket - alias Kittenkittenkitten

                                                                            Rocket - new addition to the family in 1997.

CInderella Cinderella in the garden 1998 Summer

                                                                            Cinderella - the resident queen cat - sadly passed away in May 2006.

Digger Charlie Grey - foundling - sadly gone in Dec 2001

                                                             Digger - living with Bon's parents as of summer 2003        Charlie Grey - sadly passed away CRF in Dec 2001

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Suzy Canuck visited Bon in Austin over Halloween - 31 Oct 1997
Pictures from a Cross Country Schooling - July 1998
Pictures from a Dressage schooling Show - May 1998
Texas Spring Flowers - May - Jun 99
Dressage - Intermediare I Formal Schooling Show - Nov 10, 2001
  I2 Practice Feb 21 and 22, 2004:
1Tempis 1.5MB MPG file
2 Tempis 2MB MPG file
Canter ZigZag 3 MB MPG file
  Bandit and Bonney venturing into the GP arena 2005

Bronze medal pic     Silver Medal     Gold medal USDF

BlueBonnet GP - Show June 2005

Intermediate II Formal Schooling Show Nov 15, 2003
2002 Regional Championships - Oct 17 - 20 in Houston TX
Charles Grey - sadly gone in Dec 2001
Videos - a page which has some files - caution - you want a FAST connection to view
Dressage - Austin Silver Hill May 19&20,2001.PSG/4th level
Dressage - Cedar Trace Feb 17&18,2001. 4th level
July 1, 2000 - Flower Tour
Pictures and Video - Centex Show - Jul 16, 99
Pictures and Video - Decker Lake Show - Jul 30, 99
Jumping at Home - Aug 22, 99
Dressage - schooling Third level test 3 (2/12/00)
More Dressage - schooling Fourth level test 1 (2/19/00)
Bluebonnet USDF Dressage show May 2000
Schooling Show at Singing Hill. (3/11-12/00)
Clinic with Sandra Lockwood 1-31-99 - trying out 2nd Level
Clinic with Robert Malsbary 2-21-99 at Mesa Trail Sporthorses
Clinic with Paula Neil 4-11-99 at SpiritWood
Some musings with Bryce Software.
Some more pictures of friends.

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