Schooling 3rd test 3 2/12/00

The right leg back slightly on the initial halt at x

Tendency to drop MY right shoulder, but the 3 tracks and bend are correct for shoulder in right.
What a sour face. Smile dammit! :))

Trot half pass right. Not bad by the horse. Rider STILL dropping that right shoulder. UG!

The horse looks nicely balanced but MY reins are too long and I don't have my hips forward.
Medium trot

Just a nice polished straight trot down the centerline. Right shoulder again.

Some video clips (MPG format - I wish I knew how to get these a lot smaller without killing them).

The good thing about schooling these "for real"  is that you get a feel for what's more difficult. The half pass is usually not any big deal, but notice how at the canter half pass to the right, Bandit starts to take a few disjointed strides? That's "ME" tensing up because we're not going to "hit the letter" right. Also, at the half pass trot, altho we do a pretty good job, it's not "consistant the entire way. So - we need to practice our precision and vary the angles for both the canter and trot half pass in our workouts. I also would like to see Bandit a little bit MORE round in the canter work and MY hands a bit higher with shorter reins. Also the canter half passes are a little flat - not enough bend so we'll work on those a bit as well.

Entrance to Halt (1,855KB)

Half pass - trot (1,833KB)

Canter half pass to flying change right (1,833KB)

Canter half pass to flying change left (1,499KB)

Schooling Fourth Level Test one....

Update 2/21/00


Updated: Sept 29th, 1998
Photos courtesy: Ferris Duhon