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WP-ORG is funded by the generosity of member contributions, and is
governed and run independently from USMA and AOG.
WP-ORG is operated by volunteers serving the Long Gray Line.

Dempsey Darrow , class of 1975, currently serves as the CEO of WP-ORG. He moderates his class discussion lists, the Firearms lists, the Honor list, and the West Point Forum.

Dempsey probably has the hardest job among us. The Long Gray Line's listserver, the West Point Forum, accepts anyone who is a graduate of West Point. It spans year groups from 1925 through the most recently graduated classes, second lieutenants through general officers, and the very wide range of the political spectrum! There is probably not a single person on Dempsey's list not convinced their opinions are the only correct ones, and all they have to do is explain things sufficiently so everyone will understand. It does make for an interesting forum! And Dempsey has just the right touch of benevolent control to make it work.

Dempsey also works professionally in the computer field; along with being an independent contributor and team leader versed in various disciplines across multiple platforms, Dempsey is also a data processing project manager.

When not counting bits and bytes, Dempsey expresses a creative drive through professional acting. In fact, his acting Web page at is hosted by WP-ORG.

Doug Dribben '83 at -- Hello. I am Doug Dribben. I am a civilian attorney working for the U.S. Army Claims Service, Fort Meade, Maryland. I retired from the Army on June 1, 2003, at the U.S. Army Claims Service as a JAG Corps officer. If you are familiar with the television show "JAG," then you know me. To avoid paying royalties, the show changed the main character, but the parallels are obvious - a former Academy graduate and line officer suffers an injury while on active duty, gets a permanent profile becomes a military attorney, he's a good-looking fellow, solves the world's problems every week in 55 minutes with commercials, and has the help of a smart and beautiful female partner.

Okay, that may not EXACTLY describe me, but the last part describes my wife, Maura. She and I have 20 years together this past August, and she has given me two wonderful sons - Kevin, a civil engineer and U. Virginia graduate and lacrosse player on the 2003 national championship team, and Brian, a sophomore at the U. of Maryland also studying civil engineering. We also have two Yorkies - Missy and Chewbacca (Chewie).

I have been a facilitator at the University of Phoenix for over three years. I was an Assistant Professor of Law and Course Director for the required Constitutional and Military Law course at the U.S. Military Academy from 1994-97, and an adjunct professor at St. Thomas Aquinas College in 1995-96. I have authored several published articles on legal issues and served as the Co-Editor in Chief for the American Bar Association's Urban, State, and Local Law Review.


John Greiman '81 at: branched Field Artillery and worked with old-school computer systems such as (Freddie) FADAC, TACFIRE, BCS, and PLARS. While at Fort Lewis, John saw the future of tactical computer systems and resigned his commission to work on the HTTB and AES projects. John currently works for TRW (fomerly for BDM and soon to be Northrup-Grumman) on the PM-IE All Source Analysis System program that supports the Military Intelligence branch.

As a volunteer for West-Point.ORG, John moderates the WPS-Denver listserver and website.

John lives south of Denver, CO with his wife and two children and generally tries to keep himself out of trouble.


Warren Hearnes '89 at: wp46268@West-Point.Org currently serves as CIO of WP-ORG. He lives in Lilburn, GA. After serving in the field artillery as a FSO, FDO, and Platoon Leader, Warren resigned from the Army and entered graduate school. He completed his M.S. in Operations Research and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. He worked at Lucent Technologies/OFS in Norcross GA for five years applying optimization methods and mathematical models to their fiber optic manufacturing processes. He recently moved to UPS to work in their Advanced Analytics group in Atlanta using optimization, statistics, and other methods to help make better business decisions for the world-class delivery company.

Warren and his wife, Dominique, have two sons -- Luke and Michael.

As a volunteer for West-Point.ORG, Warren moderates the Class of 1989 listserver and maintains the web sites for the Class of 1989, the West Point Society of Atlanta, and the West-Point.ORG Online Store He has recently worked on the Ward Book and Listserve Search applications. His personal homepage is hosted by WP-ORG.


Megan Hostler At:

Megan Hostler resides in Ridgefield, Connecticut - a location which has been very enjoyable over the years as it's allowed the Hostlers to enjoy frequent trips to West Point..... initially as visits to husband, Dutch's (USMA 1968) alma mater, and later as opportunities to visit with sons, David (USMA 2004) and Christopher (USMA 2007).

After several years practicing law for the Department of Justice, Megan turned her attention to volunteer activities, and enjoys her work with USMA Admissions and Operation Support Our Troops, a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation whose mission is to help our deployed and wounded soldiers.

As a volunteer for West Point.Org, Megan currently serves as a co-moderator of Parent Forum, Plebe Net and Support Our Troops. She is also a relief moderator for WPP-NET and Gray-Net.


Mike Lyman '87 at: served in the 2/3 FA battalion with 3AD and went through Desert Storm as a FSO for B 4/32 AR. After Desert Storm he resigned from the Army and went to work for AEgis Research, a small defense contractor in Huntsville, AL where he used USMA 87 as a test bed for the Internet work he was doing for the company. A USMA 77 grad recruited him to Microsoft in 1997 where he was part of their Computer Incident Response Team and became a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP). In 2003 he decided to return to defense contracting and with the help of a couple of USMA 87 classmates, he went to work for SAIC back in Huntsville, AL doing IT integration work. As a West Point volunteer, Mike maintains the USMA 87 web site and moderates their mailing lists. USMA 87 is among the oldest classes on the Internet and the class web site and mailing list pre-date the WP-ORG's official existence. He supports the new WP-ORG services running on Windows which include SharePoint Team Services, ASP and ASP.Net programming and FrontPage Server Extensions. He is also helps maintain WP-ORG security through frequent Nessus scans of our systems and
keeping up with vulnerability announcements.

He is married to Michelle and has two children Matthew and Meghan. He is active in cub scouts with Matthew and loves to watch Meghan show off her ballet when she comes home from her lessons


 Bob Magruder '64 at: bob.magruder@West-Point.Org lives in Reston, VA. Bob was a career artillery officer, retired as a Colonel, and subsequently worked on Enterprise Transformation and Business Process Reengineering with the Logistics Management Institute for five years. He served on the AOG's Board of Trustees for four years in the Communications Committee and supported the Alumni Support Committee, when needed. Bob was the first Chairman of WP-ORG Inc. He has now taken a less active role with WP-ORG to pursue another objective to improve the welfare of soldiers and graduates of USMA. After a short retirement, Bob went back to full time work at the Institute for Defense Analyses where he is an Adjunct Staff Member in the Strategy, Forces & Resources Division. He works on special projects in support of DoD and generally loves his work. At the moment he is actively pursuing and supporting the quick development of a high energy laser and relay mirror system for the warfighters. An avid golfer, Bob also helps the WPS of DC with two annual golf tournaments as well as takes time to try to get his game somewhat under control. He is very active with his class, and in particular with DC area classmates. He organizes a monthly bridge game as well as annual class ski trips the past 11 years. He serves as the Secretary of the Class of '64 and plays a role in all class reunions, especially in running golf outings at the beginning of each reunion.


 Donna (Matturro) McAleer '87 at: . After serving in the US Army in Germany as a Military Police Platoon Leader, Executive Officer and Division Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Donna left the military to pursue an MBA at the Darden Graduate School of the University of Virginia.

As one with a passion for speed, adventure, and change, in February 2000, she resigned her position as Vice President of Global Logistics and Support Services, with GenRad, a leading producer of electronic test equipment, and moved to Park City, Utah, to begin an intensive training regimen. For a few years, she committed herself to the pursuit of a lifelong dream and a unique opportunity-to represent the United States in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in the medal debut of Women's Bobsled. She finished 4th in Olympic trials.

Most recently, Donna served as the executive Director of the People's Health Clinic, a non-profit organization based in Park City, UT. In this capacity she led strategic business model transition and financial turnaround to ensure financial stability for this organization's commitment to providing quality medical and healthcare for the uninsured.

Presently, Donna is authoring a collection of contemporary inspirational biographies about many of the women who have graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point within the past 25 years. Her current professional focus is working with a new venture developing a new governance technology platform which promotes secure and real-time collaboration of directors, investors, and executives to increase shareholder value developing and writing the detailed business plan and operational strategy to initiate the fundraising and marketing launch of this new venture.

Donna is also a high school girl's volleyball coach, ski instructor, and board member of several community not-for-profit organizations including: the Park City Film Series, Park City Municipal Golf Course, and BizWorld. She helped to initiate the incorporation of a non profit to assist a school and orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a particular passion for skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking, golfing and traveling. Donna has traveled extensively with her most recent trip to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

For more then 13 years, Donna has been a volunteer with AOG as a committee member on 5 different committees. She was also one of two candidates who pioneered the first true AOG election becoming a candidate by petition with significant support from

She is actively involved in the organizing of the 2006 USMA Women's Conference.

Donna is married to Ted McAleer, a USMA classmate. They have one daughter, Carlyn Ann McAleer, and one dog, Col (ret) Thayer McAleer, and live in Park City, Utah.

As a volunteer for, Donna is a liaison to the West Point Women's Network and the AOG Board of Advisors.



While a member of the Connecticut National Guard, PV2 McGurk applied for transfer and appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1981.

Upon completion of the U.S. Military Academy in 1985, 2nd Lieutenant McGurk received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

He served in a variety of assignments in the 25th Infantry, 5th Infantry and other Army units as a Rifle Platoon Leader, Staff Officer, Company Commander, and Army Advisor to the Washington State National Guard.

He later attended and graduated with honors from the Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA MAC) at Fort Lee, Virginia followed by a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Louisville.

In 1998, Major McGurk served on USMA Staff and Faculty, as the USMA Exchange Officer to the French Military Academy of St. Cyr, France.

LTC McGurk was later assigned to Fort Monroe, Virginia as senior analyst, Strategic Planning Group, US Army Accessions Command, where he is currently stationed.

In summer 2004 he deployed to Iraq as part of the Multi-National Force-Iraq for a 7 month combat tour.

COL McGurk's awards and decorations include the Bronze Star, the Parachutist Badge, the Pathfinder Badge, and the Ranger Tab. He has also been awarded French and British Jump Wings, the French Mountain Commando, and the French National Defense Medal.

He is a member of the Board of Directors for his local West Point Society (West Point Society of Hampton Roads) and a member of the West Point Ring Recovery Program.

Michael and his wife Angie reside in Hampton, VA. 


Ray Nelson '83 at:
I am on active duty, serving as an Academy Professor in the Department of Physics at USMA. My son, Steven, is a cadet in the Class of 2010.

As an advisor, grad, and parent, WP-Org has been a very important part of my life for the past several years, primarily through participation in the West Point Forum and Plebe-Net. I served initially as an infantryman and met and married my wife, Reva, during my first tour of duty in Alaska. We have two sons, the aforementioned Steven and Peter, who will be a sophomore in high school next year. Since 1990, my army career has been primarily focused on USMA, between graduate school and service on the faculty. I love West Point, cherish my daily contact with cadets, and welcome the opportunity to serve the West Point community as a member of the board of advisors.



Jack Price '64 at: wp25244@West-Point.Org currently serves as CFO of WP-ORG. Jack moderates our most active class net, for year group '64. In February, 2001, he completed the work necessary to get our 501 (C)(3) with the IRS, and it has been granted to us. He is a "Jack" of all trades. Jack has functioned as our Chief Financial Officer and worked to evolve the web page formats for WP-ORG. He was medically retired in 1970 due to wounds received serving as an infantryman in Viet Nam. After graduate work at MIT in the early 70's, he has been active in a number of fields to include high-speed, off-shore hull development, wholesale diamonds, and computer data processing for the medical field.

He is now looking to get involved in monolithic domes as used in thin shell steel-reinfiorced concrete construction. Always something new!


Bob Totten '60 at:

I've been a user and proponent of wp-org ever since it began. As a third generation member of the Long Gray Line I consider West Point my home, my heritage and my hope for the future of our nation. Having been intimately and actively involved with West Point societies ever since I graduated and having served as a society president for more than 10 years, I continue to be impressed by this unique group of committed Americans.

After 27 years on active duty I retired to New Jersey where in 1995 I became president of the West Point Society of New Jersey. Being fascinated by the internet and what was happening at West Point, I created our society's web site and included a page listing the names and hometowns of all cadets from the state of New Jersey. That has since evolved into the "Cadets of West Point" site that now includes nearly 3,000 cadets from all over the world. The site can be viewed by going to

I live in Easton, Pennsylvania where I'm president of the West Point Society of the Lehigh Valley and spent the past 10 years as an active member of the AOG Alumni Support Committee and tried to maintain a close relationship with both the AOG and current West Point cadets.

Dian Welle has the unique position of being an Advisor and one of our three paid employees. She tends to the day-to-day needs of our community through our feedback address.

She and her Husband Dan are the parents of a West Point graduate, class of 2002. Dian started her association with WP-ORG after building a site for her family, who had never seen USMA. The "2002 Memory Page" gained popularity with the parents of the class, within 2 months had over 10,000 visits, and many of the parents were contributing to it. The page was moved to WP-ORG, and began a trend for each class of parents to start their own sites. Dian has worked in collaboration with other parents and grads to create the WP-ORG Bicentennial site. The Bicentennial site brought Dian and Dick Breakiron (USMA '51) together to build the tradition pages within that site. Quickly realizing the value of the stories they were receiving from Grads, the idea to put these into a book was formed:

Dian and Dan have four children and six grandchildren. They Live in Acton California. Dian is also a retired emergency room nurse, having worked in major trauma centers, and critical emergency rooms for 23 years. She is enjoying her more relaxing job with WP-ORG. Her first love is the showing and breeding of Labrador Retrievers. With her new found interest in computer work, she is lucky to have Dan, who tends to the kennel work, while she fiddles with the computer.

Paul Werner '83 brings experience from ten years on active duty as an Army aviator, logistician, and maintenance test pilot. His tours of duty were in Ft Benning, GA; Ft Rucker, AL; Ft Kobbe, Panama; Coleman Barracks, Germany; and Ft Polk, LA. He left active duty in 1993 and remains in the Army Reserves to this day. After leaving active duty, Paul worked with National System's Management Corporation supporting the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the F/A-18 program performing duties in contracting, logistics, and engineering.  He left employment with NSM and worked directly for NAVAIR as a contract specialist, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts for the Navy's A-6 and EA-6B programs. When NAVAIR moved to Patuxent River, Paul stayed in the Northern Virginia area and made a career transition to the information technology field. His training was initially focused in Novell NetWare, Microsoft, and Cisco. Paul has since gained the following IT certifications: CNA, CNE 4.11, MCP+I, MCSE, MCT, CCSA, CCSE, CCNA, CCNP and CCSI #20163. Paul is currently a Cisco instructor working for his own company, Chesapeake Internetworking, Inc. He is pursuing the coveted CCIE certification.

Paul has been a member of the WP Forum since its early days (1996). He is a frequent contributor to the Forum and has taken on the task of optically scanning for OCR conversion a series of documents relevant to honor at West Point, which are found in the WP-ORG's Publication pages. Paul is a family man married to Mila, his wife of 15 years. Mila and Paul also have a son Kyle, who is an honor student at North Springfield Elementary school. Paul is also frequently active in his community civic association. 

Paul went Active Duty Status, and until recently was serving in Korea. He has rejoined the Board Of Advisors in 2007.


Megan Klein '64 class daughter --

Although not an Advisor, Megan is one of two system engineers for WP-ORG.

Megan Klein came to WP-ORG via a circuitous route. Armed with an animal science degree from Cal Poly Pomona in California, she worked with Smithfield in NC for several years on their National Pig Development (NPD) swine farms, developing breeding stock for today's "lean generation" pork. Along the way she met up with 'ditus Bolanos, who noted her independent personality and interest in computer technology and asked her to think about joining him at WP-ORG. Essentially apprenticed to 'ditus over the next year, Megan learned a lot. Ditus then directed her to an internship program at Vignette. Through the first few months at Vignette, she continued to work with/for WP-ORG as a volunteer and helped to train Dian Welle. About 18 months into her tenure at VIGN, she was caught in a layoff, and 'ditus invited her to rejoin WP-ORG.

She's now in charge of the nurturing and feeding the WP-ORG server farm, recently completing the move from 'ditus' home to our new location about a mile away in the Pflugerville Executive Office complex. This involved the integration of recently donated servers and routers, and changing to a new T-1 connection with Time Warner Telecom.


 Jim Goldstine - Goldstine James A. 1961 23735 I2 (shown with his Grandson, Sam, who has enlisted as an airborne infantryman) - is our tax accountant of the firm of Jackson Ashby Goldstine in Denver. They specialize in tax exempts. He responded to a net call for help we issued a number of years ago. Over the past three years, he has refined our financial operations to comply with all the latest IRS and legal formats that may be coming down soon. We have spent many hours late at night working on this. He creates the financial statement which is on our home page, along with the corporate 990 tan return, and the 990T which is the return we file for taxable income. Donations are not taxable.

We have never been able to convince Jim to accept payments, even when we budget for them. He works quietly in the dark.. no recognition, does very critical stuff for us.

In Memoriam

Past CEO, Dick Breakiron '51, passed away on 5 October, 2006 at 1930 HRS, at his daughter's home in Webster NC.

Dick had long fought cancer with great resolve, and this was the cause of his death.

Dick was buried at West Point beside his wife, Joyce, who predeceased him in 2000. The funeral was be held Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 13:30 at the Old Cadet Chapel.

Dick's Eulogy Page is located here:


------------PAST ADVISORS-------------

With extreme gratitude


Ditus Bolanos '90

Although not an Advisor, Ditus is the architect who conceived and built our communication infrastructure. He is the technical wizard of everything we have done to date, including computer operations. Due to injuries sustained in an accident, ditus graduated in '90 with a computer engineering degree but was not commissioned. He has since worked with a number of Texas companies as a software engineer. His love for West Point and his devotion to its welfare is self-evident in the infrastructure he has developed for our community to use. 

Work constraints have caused him to pull back from his involvement from WP-ORG, but he will always be known as the "magician" who made us what we are.

Captain Dan McCarthy graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1977.

In 1980, he was selected for the Law Education Program. He attended Duke Law School where he graduated with honors in 1983, also receiving the North Carolina Trial Lawyer's Litigation Award. He attended George Washington University Law School, where he received an LL.M. in International Law, graduating in 1991 with highest honors.

After completing his post-graduate education, Captain McCarthy was detailed as Executive Assistant to RADM W. L. Schachte, the Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy and Acting Judge Advocate General of the Navy, from 1991-1993. Captain McCarthy was then selected to serve as Special Assistant for Legal and Legislative Affairs to the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable John H. Dalton. He served the Secretary of the Navy in this capacity from 1993-1998.

In September 1998, Captain McCarthy assumed command of Trial Service Office Southeast, headquartered at Naval Station Mayport, Florida.

Captain McCarthy is Surface Warfare Qualified and is also entitled to wear the Legion of Merit, three Meritorious Service Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal, the Battle "E", the National Defense Service Medal, four Overseas Service awards, the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and a Pistol Markmanship Ribbon.

He is married to the former Barbara Weaver of Aiken, South Carolina. Barbara is employed as the Director of Medical Records at the Mayo Clinic and St. Luke's Hospital. They have three children: John (18), who attends the Naval Academy, class of 2005, Jim (16) and Julianne (13).

Work constraints have caused him to pull back from his involvement from WP-ORG. Fair Winds, dear friend!


Fred retired from the Army in 1994 and now lives in Chapel Hill, NC, and works as an independent management consultant, specializing in leadership and organizational development for both private and public organizations. and was a professor in the Department of Social Sciences for 15 years. A 1968 Distinguished Military Graduate of Howard University with a BA in Political Science, he has served in a variety of Infantry command and staff positions with Airborne and Light Infantry units in the continental United States, Hawaii, the Republic of South Vietnam, and the Republic of South Korea. He received his graduate degrees in political science and public policy and administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University.

 Bill Welter '55 (VPI'61/W&M'75) served as an Advisor from our beginnings to Nov. 2005. He still moderates the class of '55 net, and the West Point Society of Hampton Roads net.

A triple-dipper, Army/Civil Service/Social Security, he keeps off the street and out of his wife's hair by the adjunct teaching of mathematics at local colleges and auditing courses at William and Mary.