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Welcome to yet another incarnation of my personal web page.  Just the basics:  Grew up in Charleston, MO.  Graduated West Point in '89.  Served in the field artillery in Hawaii until '92.  Got out and came to Atlanta to get my MS and PhD at Georgia Tech.  Met my wife here and settled down to raise a family. 

The plan is to just have this as a placeholder for things that might be of interest:

  • Photo Gallery feed from flickr.com -- I've started using flickr and have been really impressed with the easy ways to upload photos. 
  • Copies of some of my academic publications -- I know it is sometimes difficult to get to the library, so I've included copies when I can.  The main areas of research are:
    • Fuzzy replacement analysis
    • Machine learning and fuzzy control
    • Dynamic programming

So...if my track record is any indication, this "update" to my page will be here for about a year.  In my defense, I do spend a lot of time either with my family, at my job @ UPS, or volunteering for the following:

If I'm not doing that, maybe...just maybe...I'm either getting to play some golf or getting to ride my Harley.


have a great day!