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Personal webpages  ( entry)  ( sample; can use easy Wordpress software; set-up help from  (AOG Grad Link entry)  (AOG Grad Link sample)



Forums (email)  (Class Basic List opt-out forum co-moderated by Donohue & Bahr; moderators will publish approved emails)  (opt-out forum, moderator Donohue)  (opt-in forum, moderator Bahr)



Emails (broadcast)  (Class AOG email from Class Officers, KC Brown, W Murphy, Reunion Chair; Notifications:  Class Secretary and Scribe Kimmitt for classmate passings; Class Treasurer St. Onge for Memorial Articles; W Murphy for Class gifts; KC Brown for miscellaneous) (to sign up for AOG Grad News)



Emails (individual)  (AOG Grad Link entry, with links to USMA grad email addresses and, if shared, backgrounds)





Class Zoom (moderator KC Brown)


Company Zoom (B-1 moderator Quinn, D-1 moderators Behncke and Dillon, E-2, G-2, H-2, and E-4 moderator Bailey)



Class Stories   (The Days Forward; opt-out; webmaster Suzanne Rice)



Class Notes  (from Class Secretary and Scribe Bob Kimmitt)



Sallyport FAQs (from Sallyport Links WPAOG Sallyport FAQs  See diagram below. 

    To activate (need email address and AOG password)   or


I have a question. Who do I contact?


How do I access the Career Services page?


How do I find my Society?


How do I register for a Society event?


How do I know if I registered for an event?


How do I search for grads by class, team, or club?


How do I pay my membership?


How do I update my profile?



USMA AOG's "all-in-one" computer offering, providing a gateway to a broad range of services

Broadly envisioned by classmate Jodie Glore while AOG Chair; replacing distro1969 emails
Goal:  "Strengthen relationship with classmates, USMA Society members, and the entire Long Gray Line.  More connections with simplified communications, enhanced events, and frequent news updates, with just one app/log-in." 
"Social (mobile) networking:  Collaborate around special interests; stay up to date with community news; tailor your profile to boost visibility."  Enhanced capability:  payments
Without Grad Link activation, your profile has name, basic AOG info, and email address, but no phone number, street address, enhanced personal information, or group visibility.
Full service totally voluntary: Class Grad Link profile activations ~ 42% to date.
WJB 12/8/21




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