Brewing Stand Overview

I've been home brewing for about 3 years or so, of which the last year and a half have been exclusively all grain.  I'd heard about RIMS and HERMS systems, and after a bunch of online research, found  Keith's Old Station Brewing Company online.  Keith's system was right in the ballpark of what I wanted to build for myself.  I contacted him through email.  He was very helpful in sharing his thoughts on both his own design as well as reviewing my approach.  I based mine largely on his example, but modified the overall design to be a single tier and made it so it's weldable by a novice (that's me).  I cannot express my gratitude enough.  Thanks, Keith!

In Action

The requirements were:


Parts List

Front ViewFront View

End ViewEnd View


PlumbingGas Plumbing

Hot Liquor TankHot Liquor Tank

Mash TunMash Tun

Boil KettleBoil Kettle

Pumps and chillerPumps & Chiller

Future Projects

I intend to turn this into a full blown HERMS system by adding a heat exchanger to my HLT, or by building a smaller, electrically heated vessel like the TexanBrew Mini-exchanger so that I can separately monitor and heat the mash while heating my sparge water.


I want to thank Keith H. for putting his brewing site up on the web. It was a great source for reference and ideas. I owe him some beer for all of his help.  I also want to thank my good friend and  buddy Greg G. (handle - Grog) for helping me to acquire the kegs, kettle hardware and other fittings, as well as lending his plumbing expertise.