Brewing Stand Plans

First thing I did after studying Keith's site was to come up with the plans. I drew these plans up in Visio.  The steel for the frame is 1 1/2" x 1/8" square steel tubing.  The steel for the keg seats is 1/2" square solid bar.  I bought the steel from my local welding shop. ("The Welding Shop" in North Bend, WA).

My original plan was to have a friend of mine weld it for me.  However, at the last minute, he was forced to back out. I had no choice but to weld it myself, so I went out and bought a Mig welder, and started practicing.  [Note: My hat is off to anybody who welds for a living.  It is a LOT harder than it looks.  My "flat" welds came out ok looking (thanks to the angle grinder), but the interior angle welds look like crap.  Oh well.  This is the main reason I changed my design so that no downwards shear would be held together by one of my welds.]

I decided that I would simplify my plans from what Keith had in two areas:

Plan Front View

Plan Top View 

Plan Left End View

Here's a plumbing diagram also.

 Plan Front View

Burner Parts List

Item Count
Burner 3
Burner Heat Shield 3
Burner Jet 3
1/2" NPT to burner jet adapter bushing 3
1/2" NPT 90 degree black steel elbow 4
1/2" NPT close nipple 4
Gas rated ball valve 4
1/2" NPT 1 1/2"  nipple 3
1/2" NPT x 8 1/2" steel pipe (Special cut at Lowe's) 2
1/2" NPT Union (In stock at Lowe's) 2
1/2" NPT x 12" steel pipe (In stock at Lowe's) 2
1/2" NPT pipe Tee 2
Gas Hose to 1/2" mpt x 3/8" male flare brass pipe adapter 1
High Pressure Gas Regulator 1