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Status of the endowment

Within the last year the endowment has grown from roughly $100,000 to 1.2 million! We are closing in on our short term goal of 1.5 million. The long term goal is 5 million. Thi slong term goal will help sustain Army Swimming and Diving through in external financial hardships. Join the team and lets make this happen!

Endow our program

What is FoASD

FOASD Mission:

  • Provide a way for graduates to stay connected
  • Raise funds above and beyond the budget
  • Provide Long Range influence on the program
  • Assist with recruiting
  • Interface with the coach, AOG, and ODIA

Coach Wender

Coach Wender

"It is impossible for me to overstate the impact and influence that the FOASD has on our program. Your involvement and interactions with our Cadets make the history and traditions of the team come alive. Your presence, support, and mentoring is a real-life example of the long grey line in action. Your financial contributions allow us to provide the athletes with a top-notch athletic experience. And the endowment that you are creating will ensure that this program will be around and thriving for future generations. Thanks for everything you do!"

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