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    Head of the Occoquan Regatta.   2002 Nov 02   Unofficial results of the HotO were posted and medals passed out this evening.   The novice boats swept first place honors in all of the novice events that Army Crew entered.   All of the boats placed well with excellent times.   Click here for a summary of the events in which Army Crew participated.

        There was a great turnout of ARMY CREW supporters!   General (Ret) Dan, former Superintendent at West Point, and Mrs. Susan Christman, cheered on the team and visited with cadets and parents.   General (Ret) John Pickler shared photos of his new home in Tennessee and of Jeff's wedding.   Jeff ('01) rowed for Army and the Pickler's are former Club members.

        A strong arctic front kept wind chills in the lower 30s and made handling the boats a challenge.   Cadet crew members were especially appreciative of the food and hot beverages provided by the MD-DC-VA Parents Club and its members.   There was enough extra food that the cadets filled bags to take back with them.   Special thanks to Maggie and Joel Bales who coordinated support for this event.   Maggie went several extra miles to provide hot beverages.   Parents brought camp stoves to heat water but park rules prohibited any open flame, even a camp stove.   Maggie carried 'silver bullet' insulated containers to her home to fill them with boiling water so the rowers could have hot drinks.  (Thanks to Cindy Coffman for much of this information)

        Pictures of the HotO are available in the new Crew scrapbook.   If you have digital photos of Army Crew at other regattas, please send them to Tree with information about the event and venue.

    Plebe-Parent Weekend Caufield Boat House Open House:   The novice coaches, Coach Kiesling and Coach Hanlon, will be hosting the open house frm 12:00 to 16:00 on Friday, October 18, 2002.   Stop by and learn more about Army Crew.

    Textile River Regatta Results:   The official race results are available on the Textile River Regatta site in .pdf form. A web version is available by clicking here, minus the singles results.

    Lowell MA.   2002 Oct 01   The WPPC of Massachusetts is busy preparing support for Army Crew. On Sunday, October 6, Army Crew will be competing in for the Textile River Regatta in historic Lowell, MA.

        While Lowell might be described by some as a town that has fallen on hard times or a gritty mill town by others, the truth of the matter is the City has been making a serious attempt to rejuvenate itself.   Part of that effort is the Regatta and the serious work that has been done to the once overgrown river bank returning it to an ideal location for Crew fans.   I can't think of an obstructed view along the entire course.   Over the past seven years we have noticed significant changes sufficient to make this one of our favorite courses.

        The WPPC of Mass will again be hosting Crew on Sunday.   Club members will be there to feed and cheer on Army Crew.   Martha and Andrew Boyd are coordinating the food and drinks for the Crew members.    We are looking forward to meeting the new Cadets from the class of '06 and getting acquainted again with the upper classmen.

        The WPPC of Mass will also be present later this month for the Head of the Charles event in Boston.   Traditionally this is a much smaller turn out for Army Crew.   Selection is based on the previous season's performance.   Nevertheless where there is an Army Crew event in MA, you will find club members.  (Thanks to Andrew Boyd for this report)

    Caufield Crew and Sailing Center, West Point NY.  2002 May 28   The new Caulfield Boat House, officially the Caulfield Crew and Sailing Center, was dedicated with a ribbon cutting ceremony.   Pictures and details are available on the AOG web site.   The Pointer View also covered the event.

    Go Army Crew!


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