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    Introduction:   Rules are made to be broken; guidelines should be followed.

    Membership:   Everyone interested in supporting Academy Crew is welcome on this list, graduates, parents, friends and coaches.   First Class Cadet crew members and boat captains are always welcome. Other cadets may join with the approval of the Crew Comodore.   Navy crew family and friends are also welcome.

    Posts:   All posts to Crew-Net should relate to supporting academy crew.   Content will always be polite and accurate.   Profanity and abusive terms are prohibited.   Flame wars are prohibited and will result in restrictions on posting privileges.   Some good-natured kidding is allowed and warnings will be sent if exchanges appear to be deteriorating into a flame war.   Personal communications should be taken off the list.

    Subject Lines:   Please put a descriptive subject on every message.   To help members sort through posts during the competitive season, please add a 'key word' as the first word of the subject line.   Try to use the same key word for related posts.   For example:

    Key WordRelates to -
    HotO  - Head of the Occoquan Regatta in Lorton VA
    Textile  - Textile Regatta in Lowell MA
    SpBreak  - Spring break, tentatively at Virginia Beach
    CapDist  - MD-DC-VA Parents Club

          Try to be consistent.   If the first message about the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA uses 'Boston' as the key word, continue using 'Boston' so we don't get confused with 'Boston,' 'HotC' and 'Charles' all relating to the same event.

          Combine your descriptive subject with a key word to attract attention.   For example:

             Good subject lines:

    • Crew-Net: SpBreak Accomodation for visiting li'l bro
    • Crew-Net: HotO Meeting Time?
    • Crew-Net: Boat House Tour for PPW
    • Crew-Net: Visiting WP - Can we watch crew practice?

             Bad subject lines:

    • Crew-Net: Can anybody advise me about where my cadet's teenage brother can stay?
    • Crew-Net: Planning a picnic after the race
    • Crew-Net: What time do they launch for daily practice

    Crew News:   The News page is for announcements pertaining to Academy Crew, reports from regattas, plans for support of the crew team.   For now email news items to Treeg@crosslink.net.   You can include pictures as attachments.

    Go Army Crew!


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