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25163 Seely, William Hopping
July 03, 1942 - September 08, 1971
Personal Eulogy

 Members of the class living in Southern California held a memorial service for Mike Kiley and Bill Seely on August 14th at Mike’s gravesite in All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, CA.  From left to right are John Knutzen, Dwayne Lee, Steve Perryman, Larry Strickland, Eileen Kiley (Mike’s mother), Marsha and Ken Degon, Helen & Ian Carter, Judy & Jim McNulty, and Helene & Andy Dykes.  Both Mike and Bill are fondly remembered by many of the class.  Andy read excerpts of email messages and eulogy postings sent to him for the visit.  Ken Degon spoke eloquently of his friendship with Mike, while Ian Carter related the good times he had with Bill at KDET.  We ended the visit with The Corps and adjourned for lunch, where all the messages and John Ward’s class directory were passed around for all to read.   All agreed that the class memorial services help to put our lives into perspective and reflect the very real spirit of the Long Gray Line

John Ward's Directory Entry 
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