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 This is the homepage for a non-profit computer network serving the extended West Point Community. It is NOT an official source of information about USMA (United States Military Academy) or the AOG (Association of Graduates). This network is composed of a series of Web pages and automated Email remailers called Listservers. These remailers serve USMA class year groups, parents of current cadets, and West Point societies as well as other special interest groups that are a part of our community.

WP-ORG is funded by the generosity of member contributions, and is governed and run independently from USMA and AOG. WP-ORG is operated by two employees, and an army of volunteers serving the Long Gray Line.

WP-ORG is a volunteer army numbering nearly 100 graduates and parents running more than 300 listservices in support of most USMA classes, 51 West Point Societies, and 41 West Point Parent Clubs. Two of the more active listservices WP-ORG supports include WP-Forum, a moderated list open to USMA grads of any year group and rank; and Parent Forum, a moderated list for USMA parents to learn about West Point and exchange information and questions with other parents. WP-ORG is also host to 30 cadet activity and sport listservices and is providing a home for USNA parents and USNA Parent club sites.

WP-ORG has developed the functionality to provide all 40,000 living West Point graduates with a Personal Homepage (PHP) that converts, upon the death of a graduate, to a Eulogy page for the gathering and display of testimonials and pictures from classmates, family and friends. WP-ORG Jobbank enjoys unbelievable success and enables graduates to hire graduates at ZERO cost. We are now able to support online payment of dues for Societies and Parent Clubs.



West-Point.Org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides an online communications infrastructure that enables graduates, parents, and friends of the military academy to maintain and strengthen the associations that bind us together. We will provide this community any requested support, consistent with this purpose, as quickly and efficiently as possible.


CEO - Dempsey Darrow USMA 1975
CFO - Jack Price USMA 1964
CIO - Warren Hearnes USMA 1989

Remaining Board:
Dempsey Darrow USMA 1975
Doug Dribben 1983
John Greiman USMA 1981
Warren Hearnes USMA 1989
Megan Hostler 1968 wife 2004 2007 parent
Mike Lyman USMA 1987
Bob Magruder USMA 1964
Donna Matturro McAleer 1987
Michael McGurk 1985
Raymond Nelson 1983
Robert Totten 1960
Dian Welle (parent - Class of '02)

See our Bio's at:

Contact the Advisor Board by writing to:


The concept of networking grads, in the literal sense, started in the summer of 1994. The first Email was sent out sometime September of 1994 as a simple 'Hello' to a list I, ditus Bolanos '90 (our founder), downloaded from the AOG-BBS (roughly 30+ names). At the time, he was employed at Intermedics, Inc. and the best he could muster (or be allowed to do under company equipment) was an alias file. By March 1995, 'ditus moved to Austin, Texas, and joined Pencom Software, a division of Pencom Systems Inc. There, he was provided the tools to start a true listserv (the remailer). The program of choice was Majordomo.

At about this time frame, he dubbed the service AOG-NET. By April 1995, Dolf Beil, an MIS professional and cadet parent, who supported his initial efforts, helped him bring the West Point Parents on line with WPP-NET. This group was very motivated, as the ability to communicate with their cadets through the Internet gateways had shown them the power of Email.

By December 1995, with Jack Price's <> help, AOG-NET expanded to the WEB. On 1 January, 1996, AOG-NET officially announced WEB services. Shortly thereafter, our group of class year group representatives encouraged me to think about setting up a more permanent arrangement with a server which we would own, and offered to raise the necessary money. It was done.

Officially on April 27, 1996, AOG-NET was retired with many thanks to AOG. WP-ORG Inc. was born under a new charter and with a sense of independence. WP-ORG Inc. lives in its own domain under  


By being outside the "official" West Point gate, we have a degree of freedom of expression and responsiveness which allows us to do such things as include "commercial" networking in our class home pages. With our own server and domain, we can offer capabilities beyond Department of Information Management (DOIM), AOG, and West Point such as state of the art WEB-authoring, listservs/remailer, FTP site, and many more. System administration, software development, and maintenance are provided by Ditus Bolanos '90. All our efforts are devoted to keeping our networks at the leading edge of change.

Some of the services we provide are also offered by DOIM. However, DOIM is constrained by firewall (security) considerations necessary in a government provided service. We work in co-operation with both AOG and DOIM and recommend their services. Click here to go directly to the AOG Web page. Click here for instructions on AOG's capabilities for electronic hosting.  


The WP-ORG Inc. servers once were physically located at ditus' home. 

We grew up in 2002, and moved to an office in Pflugerville, TX that better holds our many servers.


Two full-time System Engineers; Megan Price, in Austin, working on service-enhancement projects with Ditus Bolanos, and Dian Welle, in California, who handles the day-to-day requests from our members for assistance.

Full point-to-point T1 channel to the Internet for increased bandwidth (increased this year from fractional T1 capability).

A Jobbank site providing graduates with a free job listing / job finding interface.

Personal Homepages for every graduate of USMA.

Eulogy sites that are a class tribute to those who have left the class behind.

POP/FTP accounts for all USMA graduates.

AltAlias (personalized email addresses) for all USMA grads.

WebMail for all West Point Graduates.

Continual upgrades to our servers.

Listservices and Websites for all USMA classes from 1935 to present day.

Multiple cadet-parent listservices for over 2,300 parents.

Parent Club Support (website hosting, listservice hosting and online dues payment).

Multiple Annapolis parent listservices:

Support for the West Point Bicentennial with our own tribute to that event.

A healthcare listservice for the West Point Community.

The WP-ORG Online Store.

Streaming audio of famous Thayer Award speeches.

Hosting the West Point Women’s Network Site

Hosting the USMA Women’s Conference Information and Registration site at:

Candidate Biography Statement Site for AOG elections
Sharepoint website/webboards for AOG Communications Outreach and Marketing Task Force


If you can help moderate a class not now having a Listserver and home page, please contact Bill MacLean at: If you have software engineering talent and if you are interested in volunteering your programming skills, please write to: Our system is primarily built using perl, Tcl, javascript and the Vignette V/5 platform.

Occasionally, we need feedback from the entire community. In the past we have done this when we selected a domain name for our new server and with our donate page to raise funds for our server. Please participate when you are notified through notices on your listserver.

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Yes, with some restrictions. The class Web pages are specifically set up to include businesses of graduates who are on that class page. Coordinate this with your class moderator. Additionally, some businesses of universal interest, such as Academy Photo appear on the various listservers.

Our primary commercial focus is, however, on the web page which features the Job Bank site.

The Job Bank page lists job openings which are posted by members who submit through their list moderator. These listings have a 30 day life unless renewed or removed by the poster when filled.

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WP-ORG is funded by the generosity of member contributions, and is governed and run independently from USMA and AOG. WP-ORG is operated by volunteers serving the Long Gray Line.