What West Point Parents Clubs Do

General Concept: The worldwide network of West Point Parents supports the values and mission of West Point and, in a manner of speaking, joins our United States Army. West Point Parents Clubs are members of our worldwide West Point Community, which comprises:

* West Point Parents Clubs (Parents and Friends of Cadets and Graduates),

* West Point Societies (Graduates and other members of the AOG = Association of Graduates) and

* USMA Admissions Field Force (Graduates, Parents and Reserve Officers).

Parents Club Mission Statement:

The mission of a West Point Parents Club is to support the values and mission of West Point through support of our Cadets, families and friends of Cadets, prospective Cadets, Graduates and friends of West Point.

Parents Club Activities:

* Learn about West Point and our United States Army from Graduate and Soldier speakers.

* Learn details of the West Point values and mission, which are manifested and accomplished through the West Point Program.

* Build solidarity and redundancy in the support of our Cadets by sharing among us our experiences and insights regarding the West Point Program.

* Build teamwork among Parents and Cadets from a State/Parents Club by purchasing, packing and sending boodle to those Cadets.

* Attend West Point Society events as invited.

* Coordinate meetings and events with other in-state West Point Parents Clubs.

* Operate the Club Website and Facebook pages.

* Organize and participate in events that (1) get the word out about West Point and (2) build feelings of camaraderie among members of our West Point Community and honor for West Point among members of our state and local civic organizations. For example: organize All Academy Balls, Memorials and historical remembrances, airport farewells to Accepted Candidates, talks about our West Point experiences at schools and with civic groups, participation in parades and other events honoring our Armed Forces.

* Volunteer for USMA Admissions Field Force service, which is organized by ZIP Code Areas within each State and led by ZIP Code Area Coordinators (ZACs).