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Last Updated: 12/19/98

West Point Societies are locally organized, member supported groups of Graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point.   Each Society functions slightly differently but all exist under the general direction of the Association of Graduates (AOG).   Some Societies limit membership to Graduates Only while others allow participation by Family and Friends of West Point, as well.

To find a Society near you, click on the region above and then the nearest link in the list supplied.   If there isn't a Society listed for your location, check this list

F a r    W e s t

WPS - San Diego
WPS - Los Angeles
WPS - Monterey Peninsula
WPS - San Francisco Bay Area
WPS - Orange County, California
WPS - Puget Sound
WPS - Silicon Valley
WPS - Southern Arizona
WPS - The Intermountain Region
WPS - Northern California/Nevada
WPS - Phoenix
WPS - Las Vegas
WPS - Inland Empire/Palm Springs
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N o r t h    C e n t r a l

WPS - Denver
WPS - St. Louis
WPS - Minnesota
WPS - Pikes Peak
WPS - The Prairies
WPS - Kansas City
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S o u t h    C e n t r a l

WPS - Texoma
WPS - North Texas
WPS - South Texas
WPS - Central Texas
WPS - Heart of Texas
WPS - Greater Houston
WPS - Douglas MacArthur-Central Arkansas
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G r e a t    L a k e s

WPS - Chicago
WPS - Cleveland
WPS - Columbus
WPS - Cincinnati
WPS - Northern Indiana

N o r t h e a s t

WPS - Rochester
WPS - New York
WPS - Rhode Island
WPS - New England
WPS - The Finger Lakes
WPS - Capital District of New York

M i d - A t l a n t i c    N o r t h

WPS - Richmond
WPS - Annapolis
WPS - New Jersey
WPS - Philadelphia
WPS - West Virginia
WPS - Hampton Roads
WPS - Southwest Virginia
WPS - District of Columbia

M i d - A t l a n t i c    S o u t h

WPS - The Carolinas
WPS - East Tennessee
WPS - The Grand Strand
WPS - Upstate South Carolina
WPS - Charleston, South Carolina
WPS - Raleigh, North Carolina
WPS - Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia

S o u t h    E a s t

WPS - Atlanta
WPS - Augusta
WPS - Mid-Gulf
WPS - Birmingham
WPS - The Space Coast
WPS - North Florida
WPS - South Florida
WPS - Florida West Coast