U S Military Academy at West Point

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  Last Updated: 12/31/98
Who Are Our Webmasters?
These fine men and women have volunteered their time, ingenuity, creativity, and artistic talents to bring this site from concept to fruition. We wish to thank each of them for their efforts and offer a sincere "Job Well Done!"

Here then, are the authors of this site....

Dian Welle is the proud parent of a West Point Cadet, Bicentennial Class of 2002. She is also Creator and Webmaster of West Point Memories, which started a trend for parents to develop class memory pages, and CO-Moderator of the Parent-Forum Listserver.
Mike Zets is Webmaster of the Northeast Ohio Naval Academy Parents' Club having served (1968 - 1974) in the US Navy and is Moderator of USNA-Net, the US Naval Academy Parents Listserver.   Mike is supported with excellent graphic designs by his wife Sandi, whose work speaks for itself.   Mike and Sandi maintain their own personal website called Poetscorner.

Contributors / Advisors
In addition, the following individuals have given of themselves by way of support, advice and guidance to the authors of this website...
Dolf Beil is the parent of a '98 USMA Graduate.
Dick Breakiron is the moderator for the Class of '51 Listserver and is a graduate of West Point Class of 1951 (18197). Moderator for several Listservers for Parents, and on the WP-ORG Board of Advisors.
Dempsey Darrow is on the bicentennial committee for WPS Austin, is a WP-ORG advisor, moderator for theWP-Forum and is a graduate of West Point Class of 1975 (33656).
Doug Dribben is a 1983 graduate of USMA (40153), a Major in the JAG Corps, and has been active in the WP-Forum and West Point Parents Forum. He and his wife are the owners of Maura's Pole People - Maura's Mascots
David Graham Founding Moderator for this group during the initial development of this site.
Jack Price is a Graduate of the United States Military Academy, Class of 1964, a Founder/Advisor of our parent organization, WP-ORG, and our Internet Guru.
Scott A. Tackett, Sr. lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley near West Point, NY., is a U.S. Army Veteran and Webmaster for A Tribute to West Point.   His wife, Marge, works at the U.S. Military Academy Library.   Scott's two sons are both Commissioned Officers serving in the U.S. Army.   Robert (USMA '98) is at Fort Riley, KS, and Scott (USMA '96) is at Fort Hood, TX.
John Ward is a member of the USMA class of 1964, standing 25th in his graduating class of 565, later selected for an Olmsted scholarship, is somewhat of a history buff, particularly as pertains to West Point. He is responsible for the Trivia "tests" linked off the Bicentennial main page.
Sean and Candis Wise are Webmasters of the MD-DC-VA West Point Parent's Club.   Their work is a model for West Point Parents' Club Websites: superb content, compelling presentation.

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