National Security and World Peace

What follows are the photos from two weeks of shenanigans at Brions, on Nov. 8 and Nov. 15, plus a mission with Rangers Evans, Brennan, Roberts and Jones to the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the Defenses of Washington National Historical Park legislation many in the Class have advocated previously to the Congress.

Note: This is a long report likely to be turned into a miniseries should it get any longer. And, while we are on these matters, please let us know if anyone would like to have your names deleted from these reports. As I have reported before, when I have dropped someone so as to not to overload inboxes without the concurrence of the owner of that inbox, I have gotten snippy comments from old roommates 🙂 and company mates asking if they had said something offensive (??) or if we didn’t care for or love them anymore, or some other such guilt trip, so, I have said what the hey…send the stuff to them !!!! And, when we don’t do photos a time or two, there have been some who have commented that they had worn something special thinking that the photos would be taken, etc… Plus, those away from the DC area write in saying that they are enjoying the reports even though they must realize that they are being written up each time they miss one of the weekly conferences for not joining us.. and that quill is going into their official records at WP, etc., etc. 🙂

Al Carver had a birthday at the one on Nov. 8th. He is really, really old, but looks so young. Not sure how he achieves that but he does – probably because he married up.

I included a chandelier from my recent burger outing to the Trump Hotel before the election which I was reconning just in case (so I should get credit with those who had the DT’s : ) for either being clairvoyant or just shameless). When Dan, Judy, Mark and I went to the Hill last week, I had arranged for us to have lunch in the Members Dining room in the House and took a photo of the chandelier in that historic room and thought you would get a kick out of comparing the two. The Members Dining room in the House dates back to 1834. Heck that is almost as old as our institution (1802)!!

Many of our clan were working the polls (elections or dancing – not sure… no that would be poles) at the Nov. 8th conference. Good job. Many of us wore our “I voted” buttons. For better or worse, it is still the best system of gov. around. Always needs tweaking from time to time, but it is the best that mankind and womankind have put together so far.

On our trip to visit with Rep. Barbara Comstock’s office, we were waiting to hear from my old friend Rep. Don Young’s office to see if someone might be able to escort us over to the Capitol. We were visiting the House Natural Resources Committee Hearing Room where I used to work for many years, with paintings in the room by Brigadier Seth Eastman, West Point Grad from the late 1800s. He was commissioned by Congress at the turn of the century (early 1900s) to paint scenes from the West of Indians. He did, and the paintings are on the walls of the committee room.

While we were in the room, an old staffer from Mr. Young’s office showed up with 3 interns, to escort us to the Capitol. I told them that no Member of Congress ever had such an entourage escorting them to the Capitol – it was so cool – down into the bowels of the Longworth building, on the trolley, to the Capitol. And when we go there the Hostess actually hugged each one of us when we arrived and when we left. (I keep telling our folks I am not as dumb as I look) I had spoken with her and related my story about working there for a 1,000 years and my meeting Muhammad Ali at the White House, and several other stories. She was a sweetheart and made us feel welcomed to say the least. She will have to amend her welcoming if we take the whole class there someday!!! since it would take her away from her duties for too long…

There is a history paper Mr. Young’s office gave us on the history of that dining room – will share that during the miniseries I guess or later. We met Rep. Jim McDermott who sat next to us with a woman doctor from Turkey. He allowed that he served in Vietnam in 1968-1969 as a psychiatrist. I introduced our folks to him and his dinner companion. He asked if we actually served in combat. I said yes. (I should have explained too that I was with First Infantry Division, in the artillery, which, as us in the artillery like to say, “it lends dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl”.

Also included are a few nature scenes from Tom Kullman’s hiking trails around Burke Lake – I like to go out there to clear my head – I don’t do the trip around the lake like Tom does, but few do (other than Max I think and a few others), but Tom does it routinely. Those going to do the march back from Buckner would do well to train with Tom at Burke Lake.

Dan went to the game 3 days ago and sent a message, as you know, to the Team… and they won 60 to 3! That is how I remember all our games going while we were there. I assume you all remember them the same way. Hope this was good prep for Navy!!!



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