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Continental Drill DVD

Bruce Sinclair has made 10 copies of the 1964 Squad Drill Demonstration DVD.  The  expanded DVD includes practice sessions and other interesting footage.   Get one of the limited edition copies now by contacting  Bruce at:

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Movie – “Our Four Years at West Point”

A movie, "Our Four Years at West Point," premiered at the Thayer during our Class Reunion. Many of the attendees saw the movie and I have been seeking a way for all to see it.  After several attempts to "stream" … Continue reading

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Winkler’s Son and Grandson on Grand Experiment

Matthew, my son, and Logan, my grandson, have started on a year of skateboarding in every state in the US. Logan will be home schooled during this time (he's 10 in December). Their web site is, and the last … Continue reading

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