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Grade 7-12 Outreach Workshop


All 7th – 12th grade teachers are invited to attend the following ASEE Zone 1 Workshops on Engineering Education for grades 7-12:  


TryEngineering.org: Hands-on Activities Demonstrate Engineering Principles
Yvonne Pelham, Educational Outreach Program Manager, IEEE


Plastics in Today’s World; a Workshop for 7-12 Educators

Professor Betsy Dell, Assistant Professor of Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering/ Packaging Science; Rochester Institute of Technology


Nanotechnology Education Using Mini VD Graaff Generators and Robotic Bubble-makers

Prof. Dean Aslam, Assoc. Director, NSF ERC for WIMS, Michigan State University


SCIENCE ROCKS!  Ways to Shake it Up in the Classroom

MAJ Mindy Kimball,  Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy


Click Here to read a full description of the above workshops.


Teaching Techniques Workshop

Enhancing Teaching through Proper Techniques

COL Fred Meyer


LTC Joe Hanus

United States Military Academy

This workshop presents the key principles of effective teaching in two one hour long seminars and concludes with a demonstration class where the principles are put into practice.  The seminars will include coverage of the following topics:

  • Lowman’s Model

  • Learning objectives

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Learning styles

  • Preparation of board notes

  • Effective use of the chalkboard

  • Questioning techniques

                                       NOTE: Attendance at this workshop will be limited to 25 participants.

                                       Please email LTC Lynn Byers if you plan to attend this workshop.

ABET Outcomes Assessment Workshop

ABET Outcomes Assessment Workshop

COL Daisie Boettner


COL Jason Lynch,

United States Military Academy

This workshop focuses on developing outcomes assessment strategies that are supportive of meaningful program evaluation and responsive to factors that make each program unique.  Examples of two different assessment strategies will be presented and the fundamental components of an outcomes assessment strategy will be reviewed. Participants will then jointly work on an example problem to explore alternative methods of putting together an assessment architecture.  Lastly, a Q&A session will be held to allow participants to ask specific questions and share from the experiences and ideas of all workshop participants.

Please email LTC Lynn Byers if you plan to attend this workshop.




"Year of Dialogue" Information Session



Information and discussion of what ASEE president David Wormley stated in his president’s    message, ‘During the annual conference in June 2006, the plenary session was devoted to a Socratic Dialogue to define what is an engineering education for global practice in 2020 and beyond and how is it best learned. The plenary has initiated the ASEE “Year of Dialogue,” which is focused at every level within ASEE on how we collectively can advance engineering and engineering technology education based on the wisdom and experience of ASEE’s more than 12,000 members.’


Click here to link to ASEE's Year of Dialogue website.


Please email LTC Lynn Byers if you plan to attend this workshop.

Questions:  LTC Lynn Byers, Workshop Chair