Join the Parents Club

The WPA Parents Club of West Point would like to invite you to become part of our parents group. Your New Cadet is about to embark on a very exciting new life experience with many new challenges and unknowns. As a New Cadet parent you are about to experience many anxieties and experiences. Come join us and let us help you through the rough spots and enjoy all that you can as the proud parent of a member of the Long Gray Line.

The WPPC of WPA holds meetings through out the year at various Western PA locations. We also sponsor events such as tailgate parties, plebe picnic, A-Day reception, boodle parties and more...

Your dues will help to defray the cost of: 2 boodle boxes for each Western PA Cadet, The All Academy Ball, Birthday Cards, Train Station for A-Day, graduation gifts for cadets, and informative meetings.

With your membership you will receive:

Annual Membership is just $25.00 per family. Please make checks payable to the WPPC of WPA. Complete the application and mail it with your check to: John Mark Hunter, 244 Old National Pike, West Alexander, PA 15376.