The New Academic Year is Well Underway

Our cadets returned to West Point for Re-Orgy Week in early August. The Class of 2015 have joined the Long Gray Line on A-Day, and the entire Corps of Cadets is well entrenched in military, academic, and sporting endeavors.

 There are many photos, stories, and videos highlighting these first few weeks of the academic year. I encourage you to visit the or pages for a look at the latest.

Also, follow this link for pictures from our “Welcome New Cadets BBQ” we held in June.

Our Oregon and Southwest Washington Parent Club met at the end of August for a meeting to kick off the new year, and to pack up some boodle for our cadets. Follow this link for a few more pictures.

At this meeting, we also discussed the upcoming year for our club, recruiting a slate of officers for the next year, and to discuss some changes to our by-laws. See the separate post with minutes from this meeting, and the proposed changes.

We will vote on this slate ad the proposed changes at our next meeting on October 15, 2011 in Wilsonville at Village Properties.

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