Army Navy March On Photo Project


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  • Read the informational page (and links) before asking a question.  If I did not anticipate your question, I will be delighted to answer it.

  • Watch for regular updates on the West Point and Navy parent forums for the latest status with the Subject:  Army Navy Panorama Update # n

  • When you receive your confirmation, you may notice that the shipping information is BLANK on the confirmation copy. Don't worry – it's safely recorded in our files exactly as you entered it. 

BASIC ordering:
If you want a 2010 Army and/or Navy, Large and / or Small poster, carefully select the quantity of each item and the program will automatically calculate the total amount due including the quantity discounts.  You can include any additional donation that you may wish to make.

Previous Years Combined Order:
If you want to order a print from 2008 or 2009, you can combine that request with a 2010 order and you will receive a discount on the 2008 and 2009 prints. Go to this section and add to your order and I can ship them combined to save postage and save you some money.

Previous Years – No 2010 Order:
If you do not order a 2010 print, you can still order a 2008 or 2009 version and normal pricing applies as shown in the table on the website – go to this section and enter the desired number of prints and the program will calculate the total amount due. The price is higher due to the shipping and handling.

Electronic Company Images:
With any order, you can add on up to 4 “Army company pictures” and 4 “Navy Company Pictures” for $5 each that will be shipped electronically so that you can print them. Electronic images will be e-mailed when the order window closes, so that we can “batch” ship them.   We will alert you before shipping so that you can clear out your inbox as we get “bounces” due to full mailboxes.

How to find the right company image to view?  These images can be found on the following links are in alphabetical order with caveats:
Army:  A1, A2, A3…. H3, H4 with the following additions –
            CG1 – Color Guard    CG2 – Color Guard and Brigade
            BGD – Brigade
            Rn – Regiments 1-4
            RnBn – Regiments 1-4, Battalion 1-2

You should review your Army cadet's company thumbnail by clicking here.

Navy:  1,2,3,… 30  with the CG (Color Guard) and BGD (Brigade) images

You should review your Navy midshipman’s company thumbnail by clicking here.

These are high resolution photographs as shot when the company assembled on the field with minimal edits – there are camera men on the field, the overhead camera cables, etc.  that were unavoidable.  You can remove the extraneous “stuff” using an editor such as Photoshop if you choose.   YES – the electronic watermark will be removed from each image before it is shipped.

The terms and conditions are simple - you can edit and print as many copies as you wish for your family and cadet/midshipman, but we ask that each family orders their own JPG image. (Remember that the proceeds are going to the troops!)  Printing can be easily done very economically at your local printer.   

Special Requests not covered above?
Send an email to and describe what you want… I can handle most requests. are ready to order: click here!