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Class News

Assembly Updates!

From Grover Harms:

I deploy on 10 JAN and scheduled to return to Hawaii on/about 14 February. I will have extremely little to no internet connectivity while deployed so you won’t be hearing from me (maybe a good thing right?). Just before leaving, wanted to put out as well as request inforation.

1. Assembly Input:

a. Help me help you. When you send me info, please write your submission just like you’d expect to read it in the assembly and "bold" the first time you use your name. This way I can simply cut and paste all the different submissions into one document. I REALLY-REALLY appreciate your help with this to make this job a little easier.

b. Photos: Just ensure that you (the USMA grad) or your spouse is actually in the photo. Digital/scanned photos must be high resolution--at least 300 dpi. One more HUGE favor. Thanks to those who submitted photos. If you don’t see them in the next issue, you may see them in the subsequent issues. I basically take the first seven submissions. The eight submission on, my goal is to put them in the following issue.

2. Please pass word about updating your e-mail address with the AOG. Perhaps there are a few who read the assembly who haven’t updated their contact info, so here’s the poop: the easiest way to update info with AOG is to just:

a. Send a message to with any updated information.

b. Also, logging in at the “Grads Login” pick on the home page ( will take you to an option that will allow you to update any data that we have for you in the system.

3. Assembly Notes Online: Click on To gain access, you’ll need your AOG password. If you do not have that, please e-mail Holly Hill. Every other month, a new e-ASSEMBLY will be found on this site, approximately two weeks before the print magazine arrives in the mail. Once you log in, the site will open to a page with your name on it providing links to “Class Notes” and other features. If you need to subscribe, when you go to the web site and choose the package/subscription you want to order, it’ll prompt you to enter that information to set up an account if you’ve never ordered online before. The easiest way to order is over the phone using a credit card (1-800-232-4723 ext. 1625). You can also order online at and click on subscribe, but if you’ve never ordered online before, you will need to set up an account.

Call out for pictures

I would like to solicite pictures of what's going with everybody. Bear with me as I am learning Studio MX and will take me a little time to get used to it. I have linked in some samples from my library as an example of what the final product may look like. Please contact me with pictures in 640x480 with a descriptive title and caption. If changing the resolution is beyond your knowledge, then send me the picture and I will reformat it, but at a minimum I will need a caption of what the picture is. I will continue to play with the format until I find one that I (and everybody else) like.

Best Wishes

I would like to say God Speed and Good Luck to those who are still overseas keeping this great nation safe! My heart goes out to you. I wish I could be there with you instead of rotting away in grad school.

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