Company G-3, 1986:  The Gopher Store
Wear your Gopher Heritage proudly for all see. I've made arrangements with an embroidery company, Stitch America to have our Guidon and Motto plastered on various collectibles and wearables.

Polo Shirt Emb blanket sweatsirt hat

Polo Shirts


Hats - 5 Immediately Available!


Gopher Punch

Cadet Store - Order Document

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The image shown above left is placed on the polo shirts. The blanket, sweatshirt, and hat are shown by photos of the actual items. Check each any of the links to get more information. The embroidered object is approximately 2.5" by 2.5" except for the blanket which is approximately 3.5" by 3.5". For the embroidery to be done without any additional charge, we must have a minimum order of 12 items. Out of that 12, I need to have a minimum of 4 of items of a certain type - that means the same style and same color (we can have multiple sizes within that group of four). Since an initial order has been placed and the design has been digitized, we can do minimum orders of just 4-11 items. However, the 4 item restriction still applies and there is a $25 fee added to the order.

The prices that this company charge seem very reasonable. I will be tacking on $6.75 per item over what the company shows as pricing. That's to cover shipping of the order to me (about $1 to $1.25 per item and not shown in their web site's pricing) and then my shipping & handling of the item(s) to you. If you order multiple items, I'll try to drop the shipping cost to reflect the actual shipping cost to you.

If you'd like to order something send me an email with what you want and quantity. I'll place an order when I have 12 items, or if you're willing to pay the added $25 expense of a lessor order I can make the order earlier. Items should reach me about 2 weeks after the order is placed.