50th Reunion

Updated 11/1/2018




Friday - Wednesday


Contact Ed Quinn, Chair, at 703-403-9091 or edmathdude@aol.com
See Ed's team below highlighted in green on his 7 May email. 



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Cc: Dano; Ed Quinn
Subject: [distro1969] Reunion Info

Dear Classmates -
This is a follow-up to my recent mini-note about the room reservation block, which will open the week of 9 November.  It will be announced by an email from the AOG. I wanted to again mention that we have fewer rooms on Friday, May 17 than for the remainder of the reunion dates, and that there will be no Saturday morning breakfast as part of the reunion.
In that email I indicated there were a few items I would discuss.  The first is a 6-day bike trip being planned by John McBeth and Phil Clark.  It is a six-day (May 10-16) 285 mile bike ride from Syracuse to West Point that leads directly to the reunion. An attachment to this email describes details about the journey.  John's email address is provided and you can call him to indicate your interest or ask questions.  To quote the note,
"Spouses/others who want to accompany the event but don't plan to ride are very welcome!  This promises to be a convivial gathering of classmates as much as a bike ride, with lots of time to socialize and tour around, and options to ride or just relax and enjoy good company."  So please consider being part of this great opportunity.

The other item I wanted to discuss is a "Trip down memory lane."  A great way to page through our history is through our reunions and mini-reunions.  We plan to have a pictorial journey highlighting those events.  But to do that we need pictures.  Phil Clark has agreed to be a repository for what I hope is a deluge of pictures.  He will accept electronic submissions, but if you have old-style real pictures please send them to him.  He will digitize them and send the originals back to you.  We will ask our regimental and company reps to follow up in this effort that will enhance our reunion experience.  Please take a few minutes to dig through your stuff and help us out.  It will probably be less painful if you ask your spouse/significant other to do the dirty work since you probably won't be able to find the pictures.  Here is Phil Clark's contact info:

 phil_clark_28017 at gmail dot com

street address: 47 Celt Road #1001
                         Stanardsville, VA 22973

Here is an approximate timeline leading to the reunion:

Week of 9 November: room block release
Late Jan/early Feb: on-line listing of planned events where you will indicate interest.  Not a commitment. It will be for our planning for meals and side trips.
March: On-line registration. Pay registration fee and for meals and side trips.  Indicate if you are a widow or next of kin.  Indicate any children/guests.  Indicate dietary restrictions.  Indicate mobility issues.
Below is a list of what we think are the reunion and mini-reunion chairs, but there may be some errors.  Please take a look and send any corrections that you notice.  Hopefully the chairs will be a good source of pictures for the trip down memory lane.

5-Yr Reunions

10th reunion:  Bob St  Onge
15th reunion: Casey Brower
20th reunion:  Kip Nygren, Casey Brower, Bill          Johnsmeyer, Jim Blake
25th Reunion:  Same as the 20th
30th Reunion:  Dick Jarman, Jim Blake, Bill    Johnsmeyer, Fritz Lash
35th Reunion:  Tom Piazze, KC Brown, Bill Johnsmeyer, Jim Blake, Fritz Lash
40th Reunion:  KC Brown, Bill Johnsmeyer, Jim Moeller, Jim Blake, Fritz Lash
45th Reunion:  Doug Fizgetald et al (incl Bill Johnsmeyer and Fritz Lash)
50th Reunion:  Ed Quinn (incl Denny Helsel,Mike  Nardotti, Tom Mahany, Mike Brennan, Fritz  Lash, Bob Yaap, Bob Harper, Bruce Wheeler, Mike Colacicco, Bill Johnsmeyer, Doug Aykroyd, Ray Dupere, Denis Gulakowski, Bill Bahr, others)

Mini Reunions

2005: Lake Tahoe - Dick Simmons, Gene Murphy, Bob Yaap
2006: Alaska Cruise - KC Brown and Jim Blake
2007: Wisconsin Dells - Mark Kannenberg
2008: Baltic Cruise - KC Brown
2009: Bye-year. No mini-reunion due to 40th at West Point
2010: Las Vegas - Hank Osterhoudt, Jack Nesbitt, Barney Wintermute
2011: Three Continents Cruise - KC Brown
2012: Ireland - Doug Fitzgerald, Mike Healy, Geoff Prosch
2013: Colorado Springs - Jack Gloriod, John Peters, Lindy Blackburn, Guy Nanney, Bruce Schultz, Wally Ballenberger
2014: Bye-year. No mini-reunion due to 45th at West Point
2015:  NYC followed by Marchback with '18:  Doug Fitzgerald, Doug Freeley, KC Brown, Geoff Prosch
2016: Danube Cruise - Dave Wallestad
2017:  Jan - Galapagos - Doug Fitzgerald and Ralph Crosby; Aug - WP for 2018 Affirmation:  KC Brown
2018   Duoro River Cruise - Dave Wallestad

Looking forward to a fantastic experience. 

Ed Quinn

Biking pdf attachment


From: distro1969@lyrisappmail.wpaog.org [mailto:distro1969@lyrisappmail.wpaog.org]
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To: Distribution List for USMA 1969
Subject: [distro1969] 50th Reunion Mini Update

You have received this West Point Class email because your information on file with the WPAOG indicates that you graduated in this class year. To update your address, email address or other contact information, please forward this message with your name, class year and new information to address@wpaog.org.
In about a week I'll be sending info about a few things being planned for the reunion:

Bike ride organized by John McBeth and Phil Clark.

Stroll down memory lane using the 5-year reunions and our many mini-reunions as our guide.

But I'm getting a lot of questions about release of our block of rooms so I wanted to get out a quick note on that subject. As I mentioned in a previous update the AOG has a timeline for their support. Consider this a heads up that the AOG will send an email to the class during the week ending 9 November alerting all to the release date, which will be a date NLT the 9th. I will try to give you another alert before that.

I also wanted to remind the class that we don't have as many rooms on Friday night as we have Sat-Tue nights. Additionally, in a change to previous announcements, we will not have breakfast on Saturday morning. We will have a full breakfast on Sunday, continental breakfasts on Monday and Tuesday, and a farewell brunch on Wednesday.

If you elect to arrive Saturday you will be able to enjoy the side trips we are planning as I outlined in my previous update.

Making your reservation on line is the most efficient way. A link will be provided. You can also do it the old fashioned way. An 800 number directly to Marriott's reservation center will be provided, along with our group code.

Ed Quinn





On 1 October 2018 at 4:03 pm Ed Quinn wrote:


Dear Classmates: 


Less than 8 months away.  This update should give you enough information to make an informed decision about your arrival date at our 50th Reunion.


Please electronically file this where you can find it or print and put into an old-school file folder where you can find it.(OR BOTH) Make sure your spouse/significant other has a copy.


First, some timing information.  We are being supported by the AOG for the reunion, so we will follow their timeline. The hotel block will open for reservations at the end of October or early November.  You will get an alert note at least a week before that.  Of course at this point we do not know how many will attend.  We sent two emails to the entire class asking for a “best guess” regarding attendance and probable arrival date.  The emails went to over 650 classmates.  We received responses from about 400 so there may be a large group of attendees who have not responded who plan to attend.  We’ll get a better estimate once reservations open. Registration will occur in the late March timeframe. That is when the registration fee will be paid and sign-ups for events will occur.


Our primary hotel, the Westchester Marriott, is the largest conference hotel in the region, and has hosted many 50thReunions.  I spent two days at the hotel observing the Class of 1968 50th Reunion this past May, and the hotel did a great job handling a large group, about the same size as ours. But it cannot reserve enough rooms for the numbers we are expecting (approximately 375-425 classmates). We have two other hotels with a smaller number of blocked rooms, the Sheraton Tarrytown and Springhill Suites by Marriott. All lie within about ½ mile from each other.  You can view the hotel websites at these addresses:








A major comment in the past has been that classmates want more time with classmates.  We recognize that, but we are offering options over the weekend that are just that – optional.  Some of you may just want to hang out and reminisce.  But some, who may not have the opportunity to visit New York very often, may want to take the opportunity to visit the city or local venues.


Saturday and Sunday are focused at the hotel.  For previous 50threunions the hotel had seen little interest in Friday night reservations so our allocation was initially limited. We have since raised the number of blocked rooms for Friday night but we may still have an issue on Friday night. For this reason we have structured similar side trips for both days, with golf on Sunday, so if you wish to save the expense of a night at the hotel, and the associated meals, arriving Saturday will allow you to experience those events of interest to you.  Following is a day-by-day rundown of what you can expect at the reunion.


Saturday:  [18 May 2019]


Continental breakfast


Bus trip to NYC.  Drop-off and pick-up.  Drop-off point at the 9/11 Memorial. https://www.911memorial.org/ There is a train station in Tarrytown so you may want to take a train trip to Manhattan. The cost of the bus will be pro-rated.


Bus trip to the FDR Library and Museum in Hyde Park.  (https://fdrlibrary.org) The FDR Library is one of only 14 presidential libraries. There is an entrance fee. The cost of the bus will be pro-rated. Lunch will be included and will have a separate cost. Fritz and Margo Lash performed the recon.


Visit to Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate: https://hudsonvalley.org/historic-sites/kykuit-the-rockefeller-estate/

The estate was home to four generations of Rockefellers.  There is an entrance fee. This is a local venue (Sleepy Hollow) best arrived at by car to avoid the expense of a bus. Tours can be arranged based on interest.


Visit to the Lyndhurst Mansion: http://lyndhurst.org

This is a local venue (Tarrytown) best done by car. It is a Gothic Revival mansion and has an entrance fee. Tours can be arranged based on interest.


Dinner at the hotel. Cash bars set up prior to dinner.


Sunday:   [19 May 2019]


Full breakfast


Bus trip to NYC.  Drop-off and pick-up.  Drop-off point at the 9/11 Memorial.  https://www.911memorial.org/ Sunday’s trip to NYC will have a late return option for those wishing to spend extra time in NY, or perhaps see a Broadway matinee.  There is a train station in Tarrytown so you may want to take a train trip to Manhattan. The cost of the bus will be pro-rated.


Bus trip to the FDR Library and Museum in Hyde Park.  (https://fdrlibrary.org) The FDR Library is one of only 14 presidential libraries. There is an entrance fee. The cost of the bus will be pro-rated. Lunch will be included and will have a separate cost. Fritz and Margo Lash performed the recon.


Visit to Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate: https://hudsonvalley.org/historic-sites/kykuit-the-rockefeller-estate/

The estate was home to four generations of Rockefellers.  There is an entrance fee. This is a local venue (Sleepy Hollow) best arrived at by car to avoid the expense of a bus. Tours can be arranged based on interest.


Visit to Lyndhurst Mansion: http://lyndhurst.org

This is a local venue (Tarrytown) best done by car. It is a Gothic Revival mansion and has an entrance fee. Tours can be arranged based on interest.


Golf.  Hudson Hills Golf Course (https://www.hudsonhillsgolf.com).  This is a local course not far from the hotel.

Denny Helsel is coordinating golf (helsed@chowan.edu) Golfers can give Denny a call with questions (252-862-5275).


Memorabilia pick-up. Bob Yaap is coordinating memorabilia. Included will be the Special Class Memorial Volume that Bob St Onge is arranging, which will contain the TAPS Memorial Articles of all of our deceased classmates.  For those whose articles have not yet been published Bob is diligently working with classmates to ensure the articles will be drafted in time for inclusion in this volume, in the same format as the others.  Bob and individual authors deserve great credit for the inclusion of 31 of our classmates’ Memorial Articles in the most recent edition of TAPS.  Bob is also arranging for a second printing that classmates not in attendance can order.  The volume is included as part of the registration fee.

Dinner at the hotel. Cash bars set up prior to dinner.Outdoor patio with bar open before dinner.


Monday:   [20 May 2019]


Continental breakfast. Buses to West Point.


Morning Memorial Service at the Cadet Chapel. Classmate pastors Ray Dupere and Geoff Moran lead us. The names of our deceased classmates will be read.


Lunch at Eisenhower Hall.  Class DJ, the Big G (Denis Gulakowski), entertains.


Special catered gathering of Class Widows and families. Bruce Wheeler, with the assistance of Dottie Rountree, Suzanne Rice, and four Regimental reps are coordinating the Widows and Next of Kin Program.


Academy and AOG briefing at Ike Hall


Class business meeting at Ike Hall


Afternoon tour of West Point for families while classmates attend AOG briefing and class meeting.  Mike Colacicco is arranging.


Buses return to hotels.


Dinner at the hotel.  Our class band, B. Arnold and the Traitors, ably led by Don Randolph, perform in the Grand Ballroom after dinner. Mike Nardotti and Tom Mahany are coordinating band logistics. Cash bars set up one hour before dinner, including outdoor patio.


Tuesday:   [21 May 2019]


Continental breakfast.  6 am weather call for Alumni Exercises. Buses to West Point.


Based on interest, since it will necessitate missing West Point events, a trip to the Culinary Institute at Hyde Park for family members. Both a tour of the institute and a lunch prepared by master chefs and students will be included. Bus cost will be pro-rated.  Lunch has a cost.



Alumni Exercises and Cadet Review.


Class Photo in reviewing stand.


Alumni Luncheon in Cadet Mess Hall.  At past reunions we have had many complaints about lunch in the mess hall.  Fortunately, this is different.  Lunch is in honor of those acknowledged as Distinguished Graduates and is well done.  The lunch at the Class of ’68 reunion (honoring, among others, our very own Scott Wallace) was a turkey dinner that was excellent.


Class visit to West Point Cemetery. Doug Aykroyd is coordinating. We did not do this at the 45th Reunion because of the over-run of the Supe’s briefing.  We will not miss this one.


Tour of West Point for families.  Mike Colacicco is arranging.


Buses return to hotels.


Class banquet at hotel’s Grand Ballroom.  Cash bars open one hour before dinner. Outdoor patio with bar is open.


Wednesday:  [22 May 2019]


Farewell brunch in Grand Ballroom.


A few thoughts.


Some companies may want to have get-togethers.  Dinners at local restaurants are good options.  Mike Brennan, our classmate and point man for hotel events, is putting together a listing of suitable local restaurants. 


The local venues (Kykuit, Lyndhurst) are best done individually by hooking up with people with cars.  They are beautiful mansions with surrounding gardens and are minutes from the hotel.  They will be on the registration form so we can gauge interest and perhaps arrange for group tours.  Buses are logistically not necessary. Events requiring buses will happen if there is sufficient interest.


Some may find that repeated dinners at the hotel get old.  Linking up with classmates with cars to visit local restaurants for dinner is a good option, and as mentioned above company dinners can help vary the routine.  It is recommended that all try to attend Monday and Tuesday dinners.  Monday we will have our world-renowned band, and Tuesday is our class banquet. We have breakfasts for each of five mornings.  Again, to change the routine, there are local diners available and the hotel has a fine restaurant, including breakfast.


A possible event not mentioned because of its tentative nature is a tennis get-together at the state-of-the-art indoor tennis facility at West Point.  Bill Slenker is looking into this.


Ray Dupere is checking into having a non-denominational church service Sunday morning at the hotel.


Bob Harper will again provide his professional photographic services.


Bill Bahr had created a reunion page that will be populated with more info as we proceed. You can view previous notes to the class at:




Please note that some things described in an earlier note may be amended by subsequent notes as things start to shape up. We will be posting a list of Frequently Asked Questions on this site.

The AOG will be populating our 1969 Reunion Website as the agenda firms up. The link is:




K.C. Brown is assembling a compilation of all of the Affiliation Program activities and events he and his team have participated in with the Class of 2019.  You will be impressed by the breadth of this program and the dedication required seeing it to its conclusion.  Upcoming notes will explain the format and how we will receive it. 


We have sent regimental email lists, sorted by company, to four regimental reps.  Each company has a rep that is now in the process of finding lost classmates, and encouraging companymates to keep in touch with the AOG to ensure current contact info.


We hope to see you at the reunion.


Ed Quinn and his posse







On May 7, 2018, at 12:43 AM, Ed Quinn <edmathdude@aol.com> wrote:

Dear Classmates -

I have a few edits due to grandkids-induced lack of sleep.

The leader of our outreach is Bruce Wheeler.

The email address of Ray Dupere was mistyped on the attachment. His correct email address is dupere@juno.com. His cell number is 860-992-4111.
When you reply please include Denny Helsel. He is cc'd on this email. I will pass to Denny the replies of those who have responded.

Thanks for being classmates and I look forward to seeing you at the reunion. My next update will include insight gained on my G-2 mission at the 1968 reunion. As a heads up this year registration and payment for events will be done on line. Those of you who prefer to deal via snail mail will have that option.

Ed Quinn



Dear Classmates –

I’ve recently finished reaching out with individual emails to about 650 of our classmates. I’m following up with letters and phone calls to those for whom we lack email addresses.
In my emails I asked each of you to reply with your intentions regarding the reunion; do you plan to attend and what is your likely day of arrival. I’ve heard from about 45%. I would appreciate a reply from those who have not yet responded. Please keep in mind this is not a commitment, merely a statement of intentions at this point in time. It will assist us in our planning.

Before I let you know what is going on regarding reunion planning I want to discuss something one of our classmates is doing that I think will inspire each of you. Ray Dupere, one of our pastors who along with Geoff Moran will lead our Memorial Service at the Cadet Chapel, has felt a call to go on a spiritual journey this July. Ray has planned an itinerary, which you can see in the attachment to this email, which will take him to each of the grave sites of those of our classmates who died in Vietnam, or as a result of wounds received in Vietnam. His journey will take him to MI, IN, IA, MN, MT, AZ, TX, MS, WV, and VA. He will not visit the graves of those interred at West Point – we will all visit those graves at the reunion. He will conduct a service at each grave site and is contacting classmates in the vicinity of the graves to join him in the service. There may be some of you who were particularly close to one of our deceased classmates who would like to attend the graveside service even if travel is involved. I suggest that anyone with an interest in being there with Ray contact him directly to let him know. That way he can alert you should deviations to his planned itinerary be necessary. His contact info is included in the attachment. His last stop will be Arlington National Cemetery at 1000 on 30 July, where he will conduct a service in honor of Hank Schroeder. I would hope that many of our classmates living in the greater DC area will attend that service, and then join us in a reception at Ft. Myer as we celebrate the lives of those great classmates and where Ray can describe his journey.

I’d like to bring you up to date on our reunion planning. Here are some of the members of the reunion team:

Denny Helsel is vice-chair and all-around plugger of holes. He is currently rounding up company reps to assist with coordination. He is also arranging golf and will be visiting a local golf course that is our likely venue. He is striving to have golf within 20 minutes of the hotel. Golfers feel free to contact Denny.

Fritz Lash will be providing local coordination with West Point and will be visiting likely side trip venues to make sure they are worthy of your time.

Mike Colacicco will be planning a tour of West Point for spouses and family members on either Monday or Tuesday, or both, while we are doing West Point things.

Bob Yaap is leading the effort in arranging memorabilia.

Bruce Wheelock, with help from Dottie Rountree and Suzanne Rice, is coordinating our outreach to widows and friends of the class.

K.C. Brown is heading into his last year of dedicated leadership of our 50-year Affiliation effort with the Class of 2019.

Ray Dupere and Geoff Moran will lead us in the Memorial Service in the Cadet Chapel.

Bob St. Onge is leading the effort to compile all of the AOG Taps Memorial Articles into a volume that we will publish and have available at the reunion.

Doug Aykroyd is arranging our visit to the West Point Cemetery where many of our classmates are buried.

Mike Brennan will handle coordination of meals at the hotel, to include the class banquet.

Bill Slenker is looking into the possibility of reserving time for a tennis mixer at the state-of-the-art indoor tennis facility at West Point. Depending on availability this could be over the opening weekend where all could take advantage, or it could be during one of our West Point days where most likely spouses and guests could take advantage of the opportunity. This is probably a longshot but Bill will give it a try.

Don Randolph will be leading B. Arnold and the Traitors once again at our banquet. The band’s performance at the 45th was absolutely fabulous and I know they will be great. Providing support will be Mike Nardotti and Tom Mahany.

The Big G, Denis Gulakowski, will once again be our DJ at several events.

Bob Harper will be providing his professional photography services as he did at the 45th Reunion. Those of you who have the Legacy Book, look inside the cover and observe Bob’s work. Enough said.

Bill Johnsmeyer is providing financial review, contract review, and institutional memory.

Bill Bahr is our communications lead. He’ll be loading reunion information on our class web page. We are currently compiling a list of FAQs that will aid you in planning for the reunion that will be posted on the class page. My next group email will provide details about linking to this page through our AOG Class of 69 page.

I will be conducting reconnaissance in about two weeks by spending two days as a casual observer at the Class of 1968 50th reunion that is at the same hotel as ours. This will give me an opportunity to look at how the hotel handles a large group, and will give me a chance to again meet with our reunion coordinator.

I’m including below the information you received with my earlier email in case it has been misplaced. Please take a look and please respond at your earliest convenience if you haven’t already. I look forward to seeing you at what will be a great reunion.

Ed Quinn

We’re getting closer to our 50th Reunion – we recently passed 500th night. As the Reunion Chair I thought this would be a good time to send a reminder and try to get a feel for our likely attendance. My goal is 400 or more classmates, and I sincerely feel we will exceed that number.

In March I sent a “Save the Date” email to our class mailing list. Hopefully you received that note and put it into a 50th Reunion File where you can also file future updates (like this email).

Note: At the end of this email are two questions important to our planning.

Here’s a brief summary of how the reunion will likely shake out:

Friday through Sunday (May 17-19) will be centered at the hotel. Some of the side trips/excursions that will be considered include:
• NYC trip (drop-off, later pickup)
• NYC trip (event driven, such as Museum of Modern Art, visit to the 9/11 Museum)
• Golf (multiple days)
• Culinary Institute of America tour and lunch
• Kykuit Estate (Rockefeller Mansion)
• Lyndhurst Mansion and Performing Arts Center (may include a performance if one is scheduled)

Monday and Tuesday (May 20-21) will be West Point days. We will have a Memorial Service as we always do, and we will visit the West Point Cemetery that is the final resting place of many of our classmates, a visit we had to scrub at our 45th when the Supe’s briefing went overtime. There will be an obligatory AOG update and a Class Meeting. Weather permitting, the Alumni Review honoring our class and that year’s Distinguished Grads will be on Tuesday. Our banquet, with entertainment provided by our very own B. Arnold and the Traitors, will be Sunday or Monday evening.

Wednesday (May 22) will be a farewell brunch.

Our reunion hotel is the Westchester Marriott. You can take a look by visiting:

We’ve locked in a rate of $169, and we will have plenty of meeting space for company gatherings. We’ve reserved blocks of rooms for the reunion but I’d like to make sure we have adequately planned for the size of our group while we have time to adjust the room reservation numbers. I expect the block of rooms to become available for reservations in the October 2018 time frame. We have a liaison with our class widows and we will strive to have many of them at the reunion.

It will be extremely helpful to me if you briefly respond to this email with your current plans. A response to two questions is what I need at this time:
1. Do you plan to attend the reunion?
2. What is your likely day of arrival?

When you reply please include Dennis Helsel as he will be helping me keep track of responses. His email address is helsed@chowan.edu

I welcome any thoughts and suggestions. You can include those thoughts in your reply to this email or in a later email or phone call. In closing I want to say how very proud I am to be your reunion chair and I pledge to do everything I can to make this event worthy of our great class.

Ed Quinn

703-403-9091 (C)
703-490-4920 (H)


"From: distro1969@lyrisappmail.wpaog.org [mailto:distro1969@lyrisappmail.wpaog.org] 
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2017 5:16 PM
To: Distribution List for USMA 1969
Subject: [distro1969] Save the Date - 50th Reunion (May 17-22 2019)


***You have received this West Point Class email because your information on file with the WPAOG indicates that you are affiliated with this Class year.  To update your address, email address, or other contact information, please forward this message with your name, Class year, and new information to address@wpaog.org.***

Dear classmates -  

As the reunion chair for our 50th I wanted to get this Save the Date note to the class more than two years before the reunion so you can arrange everything else in your life in order to be there.

So as not to rehash all the info in the attached letter, please read it, print it out, and start your Class of 1969 50th Reunion folder right now.

I hope many aspects of our initial plans will resonate with you and I look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

You can reach me at any time with suggestions or offers to volunteer.

Thanks for your support.

Ed Quinn
50th Reunion Chair



Dear Classmates –

As the chair of our 50th West Point Reunion I want to get the ball rolling with this “Save the Date” note that includes a brief rundown of my preliminary thoughts on this grand opportunity to celebrate our history.  So mark your calendars now for the period May 17-22 2019.  I have read every biographical entry in our Legacy Book that in itself demonstrates the enormous capabilities of our classmates.  I am humbled to represent such an honorable and accomplished group of men.  Assisted by many classmates I will do everything I can to deliver the reunion you deserve.

We will begin our festivities on Friday, May 17.  We have a contract with the Westchester Marriott, in Tarrytown, NY a beautiful conference hotel just over the Tappan Zee Bridge.  We have reserved blocks of rooms on each of the nights May 17-21 with a guaranteed rate of $169.  They will start taking advance registrations about six months prior to the reunion and updates from the reunion committee will keep you informed about the release date for the rooms.  You can visit the hotel website at


Sherri and I toured the hotel, stayed overnight, had two meals in the hotel restaurant, and we were impressed.  The ballroom can seat 800 people and my goal is to fill it.  There are numerous conference rooms reserved for us.  The hotel has everything we need to have a memorable reunion, including a beautiful outdoor terrace where we can exaggerate our exploits over appropriate libations.  I am visiting the hotel once again in conjunction with our March 30 Leader Challenge that is ably coordinated by Mike Colacicco.

I have talked to many classmates and spouses, and to several class widows to gain a broad perspective of what our reunion should look like and I have reviewed the itineraries of five recent 50th reunion classes.  I will be seeking more suggestions as we move forward.  Our reunion will be a combination of traditional reunion activities plus tailored excursions and side trips with the goal of providing a reunion to remember. The Big G is back as our DJ, and B Arnold will again provide an amazing musical experience, as those at our 45th can attest.  Bob Harper is on board to provide his professional photographic expertise.  Please take another look at the inside cover of the Legacy Book – enough said about Bob’s incredible talents.

Monday and Tuesday (May 20-21) will be West Point days.  We will have a Memorial Service as we always do, and we will definitely visit the West Point Cemetery that is the final resting place of many of our classmates, which we had to scrub at our 45th when the Supe’s briefing went overtime. There will be an obligatory AOG update and a Class Meeting.  Weather permitting, the Alumni Review honoring our class and that year’s Distinguished Grads will be on Tuesday.  

Friday through Sunday (May 17-19) will be centered at the hotel.  Some of the side trips/excursions that will be considered include:

·         NYC trip (drop-off, later pickup)

·         NYC trip (event driven, such as Museum of Modern Art, visit to the 9/11 Museum)

·         Golf (multiple days)

·         Culinary Institute of America tour

·         Kykuit Estate (Rockefeller Mansion)

·         Lyndhurst Mansion and Performing Arts Center (may include a performance if one is scheduled)


We will avoid o-dark-thirty starts as best we can.

Of course there will be catered meals and evening gatherings: an Ice Breaker reception over the weekend and a banquet on Tuesday night. The hotel has the space to separate the band/dancing from the banquet area which worked very well at the 45th.  Our plan is to offer full breakfasts each day, with variety from day to day, that will encourage classmates to attend breakfast and use this time as an opportunity to leisurely visit and reminisce.  The reunion committee will work with the hotel to provide the best meal experiences possible.  Some meals will be provided at West Point due to our Monday-Tuesday schedule.   I know many of us were disappointed with the meal in the Cadet Mess at our 45th Reunion.  It is still a tradition at 50th reunions and we will have conversations with the AOG about this issue. 

Finally, I would like, at what is likely the last big reunion, to recognize many of our classmates for their dedicated service to the class and to the Academy.  I will be soliciting suggestions from our class through a small coordinating group.  In essence this will be taking a walk down memory lane.  We have many classmates whose leadership and example have inspired us all.  A partial list might include:

·         Class Officers

·               Class Scribe

·               Reunion Chairs

·               Financial Team

·               Gift Committee

·               Mini-Reunion Sponsors

·               Legacy Book Team

·               50th Affiliation Program Team

·              AOG Officers

·               Class Photographer

·               Musicians and DJ

·               TAPS Memorial Article Team

·               Communications Mainstays (forums, class net)


And there are others.  The risk is that we will miss a few, but I think it is a risk worth taking. 

I hope all of you will plan to attend our 50th Reunion.  In the coming months we will be reaching out for your thoughts.  For now, mark our 50th on your calendars as a “must do” and if you would like to discuss any aspect of the reunion, or would like to help with the reunion, please get in touch:

edmathdude@aol.com     Yes, I was a Math P


I look forward to hearing from you, seeing you at class gatherings, and hoisting one with you at our
May 2019 celebration.

Ed Quinn

P.S. In case you have a short memory, the reunion dates are May 17-22 2019.










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