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Park City Utah this year for Ski Club Trip Section 6-13 February

Torch Elliot lives out in Park City and has offered to do our recon this year, much to Dan Evan's disappointment!  Sam and I are elated to be there this year, as our family cut many trails there while the kids grew up. Lots of good memories and the kids may be able to show. 

Bob Magruder and Bob Michela are once again doing the leg work  to set all this up. We have a separate listserver to facilitate planning and will be glad to put anyone on it, even if just to lurk. Contact me and you'll be on in a flash. 

Perryman looks to be ready to lead the way, but Angie was seen around the Virginia area this summer without him. Even made it to Jim and Marylee's Summer Social.  I'll check to see if she's given him permission to play this year.  Was great for her to meet lots of classmates not seen for years. Didn't seem to be missing Steve! 


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