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    Life-Time Email Addresses 
    The idea of a personal Email address which will never change throughout your life, is appealing to anyone who has gone through Compuserve, AOL, and a couple of different Internet Service Providers in the last several years.  Both AOG and WP-ORG have responded with slightly different solutions to the problem.
    WP-ORG's address is based on the Cullum number and will look like this:    (For Jack Price, whose Cullum number is 25244)  Since internet addresses are not case sensitive, will work equally well.
    The same person will have   in the format used by AOG.  (First five letters of surname, first initial, year, and then
    The value of having a permanent Email address for personal records, stationery, business cards, professional registrations, and legal documents, is considerable.  The addition of having West Point in that address makes this a very attractive option.  The link to setting this up is the small orange link button marked 'admin' at the bottom of your Personal Home Page, or here: (copy and paste into the browser window, substituting YOUR Cullum number)

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