Listserv Information

In the beginning, there was a listserver! What?  OK, listen up!  A listserver is a computer program which manages Email for a group of folks with a common interest.  In our case this interest is the West Point Class of 1964.  Functionally, the program maintains a list of subscribers and reflects back to the entire list any message sent to it by any single member.  Our list has been set up as a 'closed' list which means it must recognize your sending address as a member before it will execute the distribution.

Our listserver  is  Majordomo ( see but has been extensively modified.  The important thing to know is the address where majordomo is located.  Our actual server is located in Austin Texas and can be reached by Emailing to:
First things first!  Before you can be accepted as family by majordomo, you have to subscribe to our list.  The list is open to all class of '64 members to include our Immortals, and surviving Next-of-Kin.  You have to pass through my approval gateway to insure you're not a party crasher.  Here's how you do it:

Send an email to the above address with just this message (no footers or signatures)  I'm using my address here, replace with yours.  Left justified.

subscribe usma1964
subscribe wp-forum

Now hopefully, your message header will explain who you really are so I can process your application.  To enter you in the data base,  I'll need the following info/format:  (Here's mine)

PRICE John S. 25244 M2 <>
I can get this from John Ward's book (which you can download from our Class Archive here) or you can send me a separate message to my address above.  After you send the message, you will get notifications from majordomo about your subscription status.  The wp-forum list is the Long Gray Line empowered. Lurk for a spell to see if it's for you.  John Ward, Tom Curran, Curt Davis, Sam Burney, and I are all frequent posters.  The help line will get you a message about majordomo commands.

For class chatter, we have a usma1964-forum, where we can all post.  It also has a usma1964-forum-digest option where the traffic is compressed into periodic digests.  I'll initially subscribe you to the class forum
unless you tell me otherwise.  I use the usma1964 list as a distribitive list for class admin.  It goes out to all.

Some of you may want posting privileges from more than one address.  You need to tell me this so I can tell majordomo.  We'll distribute to one, but allow posting from more than one.  But I have to set it up!

Once you're on the list, you'll get a post of all members in the above format about every ten days or so.  At the top will be new addresses added since the last list and any addresses which are bouncing. Help me get the bouncers straightened out   Our class was the first to reach two-thirds of grads on line with the class list and has been the major financial support for WP-ORG, our parent organization.  Our class list is but one, of over one hundred served by WP-ORG.

This listserver is our class emergency notification network, social coordinator, reunion planner, and class roster maintainer!  John Ward will keep the version of his book here for downloading current with changes.  Be sure to notify him when any of your data does change.  Making this a living document will greatly reduce the cost to the class of producing this every five years.   Sending it out snail mail to the bottom third of the class will be LOTS cheaper!

If you don't know your URL from your ... well, whatever, call me!

Jack Price
Class Moderator
540 745 3411