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George Sibert:  4800 Fillmore Avenue #530,  Alexandria, VA   22311-5014

Tel:  703-671-1415 (H)    703-328-5941 (Cell)
E-Mail:  gsibert@comcast.net

History of Scribes

Starting in 2011, the AOG began publishing Class Notes online on their site. To view these notes, you must have a password assigned by the AOG.  For convenience, a copy of these '58 Class Notes are available on this site. 
Assembly magazines are stored in the USMA Library Archive under "Assembly magazines from 1942-1993"
Class Notes on this site can be viewed by clicking on the links below:  Note: Click on pictures for a larger view

2018 - July  
2018 - May  
2018 - April  
2018 - March  
2018 - February  
2016 Large pdf file - 26 pages. From AOG Site
2015 Large pdf file - 23 pages. From AOG Site
2014 Large pdf file - 33 pages. From AOG Site
2011 - October Scribe Sibert 180th column
2011 - 1998 Links to archived files on this web site
2011 - 2016 (online at AOG) Click here for AOG
1942-1993 (online at USMA Library) Click here for USMA Library