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    The Ranger Listserve has been created to monitor the progress of the WP-ORG Ranger Memorial Project.

    In 1992, the National Ranger Memorial Foundation was founded, and funded the construction of the Ranger Memorial at Ft Benning. It is the most visited site at Ft Benning. In addition to the displays, and monoliths, the inner courtyard and approach, are paved with marble slabs on which recognition of individual Rangers are engraved. The purpose of this fund drive is to insure that every West Point Ranger who was killed while deployed in a combat theater, is so represented. In the second phase, after pavers for all the KIAs have been secured, we will open the same volume discounted pricing ($250 vs $280) to any living West Point Ranger. For the initial subscription, all donations will be pooled until the total amount is achieved. No Ranger will be left behind! The comment section in the donation form may be used to honor specific Rangers, but you are not buying a paver for a specific KIA. The first phase will absorb about $40,000. Of 180 KIA, 26 already have pavers in place.

    In the second phase, any living West Point Ranger can purchase their personal paver at the discounted price. Any class that totals out 20 or more pavers, will be listed on the annual Friends of the Rangers plaque for the coming year, at no charge.

    Please contact Ranger Jack Price '64 540 745 3411 Jack@west-point.org with any questions.

    DONATION SITE: https://secure.west-point.org/rangermemorial/

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