Microsoft's SharePoint Team Services

You support WP-ORG because you value the services it provides. Well, it is time to announce a new service. Has your class, West Point society or parents club ever needed a place to collaborate on a project? Share contact lists? Put up a calendar? Assign tasks? Discuss things? Share documents? Conduct a survey? Well, now you can at WP-ORG. on a pair of Windows 2000 servers (soon to be Windows 2003) running Microsoft's SharePoint Team Services.

For those of you not familiar with SharePoint Team Services, they are a framework for providing all those functions outlined above BUT, they require no programming skills from the webmaster of the site. Through a simple point and click interface, you can create all those features. Need to coordinate a reunion? Write a new class constitution? Elect new officers? Coordinate that all online via this new service.

Along with providing these new SharePoint Team Services, having the Windows servers available means we can now support web sites that make use of ASP and ASP.Net. On the backend we have SQL Server and MySQL databases
available. We have had requests to support that in the past but our old Window server was not up to the job because it was on very old hardware. The new servers are built on hardware donated by Derek Gilbert '82. Thank you Derek!

These are new services with a new support model. There may be a few hiccups along the way as we get used to them but we promise to work through them as quickly as possible. If you have Windows 2000/2003 administration experience, ASP, ASP.Net or SharePoint experience and would like to
volunteer to help provide support for these new Windows based services, please contact feedback@west-point.org.

West Point Ring Recovery listserv

I hope that this email finds all well and enjoying a Happy New Year.

"ring_recovery", the listserver of the Ring Recovery Program, is up and running with 60 subscribers. "ring_recovery" will be a forum for disseminating information, promoting discussion and providing reports pertaining to the recovery of Military Academy rings and their return to the Academy Community.

I invite you and your list members who are interested in the recovery of Military Academy rings to join us.

To subscribe to "ring_recovery", click on the link below:


or write to:


I will be moderator of "ring_recovery". For those who don't know me, I am David M. McClellan, LTC, USA, Ret'd. I was a member of the Military Academy faculty in 74-78, 80-84, 87-88, 99-00 and I have a son in the Class of '01 who is now in Kuwait. I am acting on behalf of Bill O'Neill, '92, who has had to step aside from overseeing his ring recovery effort that has spanned some four years and the recovery of some 30 rings while he attends to medical demands that have been placed on his family. I anticipate that he will rejoin the effort in the coming months.

Bill MacLean, an '02 parent, will be helping me with admin for a few months.

Now, we have a new communications tool, courtesy of WP-ORG, to facilitate the dissemination of information pertaining to the recovery of Military Academy rings. You are welcome to join us. I look forward to the information and discussion that it will provide.

Very respectfully, with kindly regards,

David McClellan, Moderator


Moderator training classes:

WP-ORG is happy to provide moderator training classes every few months for new moderators to learn how to accomplish the tasks of their new job. If you are interested in taking the class, please contact:



The new admin pages are working well. We continue to work toward getting the old admin pages working for you again, or getting some of the functions they offered working.

We are beta testing a global address change tool.



Your ISP may have instituted Port 25 blocking. It is their thought that it will stop spammers from sending out huge waves of unauthorized junk email by preventing email from being sent out through any mail servers other than their own. With Port 25 blocking, anyone logged in to an access number through their personal ISP will only be able to send mail through that ISP's mail servers, thereby allowing them to block spam sent out through their network.

Unfortunately, this is a problem and inconvenience if you have an email account with someone other than your ISP.

Any member of that ISP who has a secondary email account that is not an one of that ISP account is no longer be able to send email using that secondary account's outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. You will still be able to receive email normally through these accounts, but in order to send email, you need you to make a change.

In your email software, you have two options to fix the problem; 1. change your outgoing (SMTP) mail server for all secondary accounts to the SMTP server listed for your ISP. This will have no impact on how your sent mail appears or on the ability of people to reply to you at your secondary email account. 2. Change your SMTP port to our alternate WP-ORG port: 587. Most mail programs are very easy to change the port you're using to SMTP to, however, with Eudora, it is a little trickier, and the directions are here (make sure you do this while Eudora is not running):

We have a "POP before SMTP" protocol using the Sendmail program. What this means to you, using Argon as your SMTP server, is that you must check for new email messages prior to trying to send any email. For most, this follows normal routine, will be transparent and will not cause any undue headaches. This is how POP before SMTP works: When you log onto the server and check your mail, the server notes the IP address from which the connection was made. The server will permit you to retrieve and send mail from that IP address for 15 minutes following each authentication (mail check). When you check your mail, you are authenticated as a valid user by the POP daemon. Your IP address is put into an "authenticated" file for 15 minutes. When you go to send mail, the sendmail daemon looks in this file for your IP number and, if it finds it, it lets you relay (send your message). After 15 minutes of inactivity with the POP daemon, your IP address is removed. However, if the timeout is set for 15 minutes and your mail client checks For new mail every 5 minutes, you will always be authenticated. After all that explanation, the two things to remember in this spam- necessitated new world order are the following:

1. Always check for mail before attempting to send mail.
2. Set your email client to check for new mail at less than 15-minute intervals.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have recently experienced in sending email through WP-ORG's Argon server.

If you need any further assistance from me, please let me know,
Dian Welle

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Remember our credit card interface for your reunions and dues renewals.











1. Recently a team of volunteers has been contributing "content" to a journal of Iraq War news, opinion, commentary, strategy, maps, and other reference materials culled from web sources with the intent of making it available as a service to the WP-ORG community for the next few weeks.

The journal is published as a weblog ("blog") at


It's updated daily, as our contributors have time to post items they think will be of interest. All WP-ORG members are welcome to check it out, return frequently.

2. WP-ORG hosts "Iraq War News" as a current-events service to members. Publishing team is solely responsible for content. We hope you and your listmembers find it interesting and useful.

3. We welcome comments, questions, suggestions, and news/reference tips (please include URL). Write mailto:iwn-owner@west-point.org.

--IWN Bloggers

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