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  • WELCOME to the West-Point.org Financial Forum! The purpose of this Forum (hereinafter referred to as the FF) is to allow USMA graduates who subscribe to west-point.org an opportunity to exchange views and information on investing and other financial matters. For the protection of subscribers, the same terms of service for west-point.org apply to this forum, e.g. the prohibition on quoting or forwarding without expressed permission by the author. It is essential to maintain this exclusivity and privacy since we all share a common background and sense of ethics and integrity that other internet investment chat rooms don't have.

    INVESTING will be the primary and continuing theme in FF discussions, although anyone may contribute info or opinions on any interesting related topics (insurance, loans, taxes, mortgages, credit cards, etc.) as they see fit. To that issue, please title your messages descriptively, so that members can delete easily if not interested, e.g. "Outlook on pork belly futures" or "Need info on Garfinkle Moosetrap Corp."

    WARNING! The FF is a discussion group and not a financial advisory service. Members who use information provided on the FF as a basis for investment decisions do so at their own risk. It is assumed that information shared will be accurate to the best of the knowledge of the individual posting the data, but opinions can and do vary widely on predicting the direction of the markets and especially on individual securities. Remember ENRON.

    RULES OF THE ROAD. Any participant who is associated with an investment company should disclose that fact before opining. Similarly, anyone who has a financial position, long or short, on any stock, bond, option, mutual fund, etc. should disclose that fact when discussing said investment. When posting, bear in mind that FF subscribers will have a wide range of investment experience, from the true novice to the experienced professional; some may only have a few hundred dollars to invest and others may be active traders who turn over thousands on a daily basis. We discourage "hot tips", the sharing of rumors (unless expressly stated as such), and any similar unsubstantiated information. Civil discourse in accordance with west-point org. established norms will be adhered to, with similar penalties for violations.

    Welcome again to the Financial Forum. Let the games begin.

    Doug Thornblom, '66


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