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1999, 2000

19 November 1999.  Mission Viejo, California.   Much news from Tom Nguyen, F3, who is stationed as the Adjutant for the Southern California Recruiting Battalion at Mission Viejo.  Tom was compassionately reassigned there from Fort Lewis in March when his father became ill.  Next March, he plans to attend MICCC.  Tom sends some great photos.  The first is of Peter Orabona, B2 and his wife Megan Bostick on their wedding day in October in New Orleans.   Classmates in attendance included Jim Wynkoop, B3, Matt Scalia, B1, Matt Gehrmann, H3,  Steve Kersch, C3, John Hall, A4, and Kurt Krummenaker, F2.   The second photo is of Jim, Pete and Tom at the wedding reception. Pete and Megan will PCS to Scofield Barracks and Jim is currently stationed at Fort Carson.  The third photo is of Matt Gehrmann and Tom, also taken at the reception.  Matt is out of the regular army and is in the reserves, and is currently working in New York City.   The fourth photo is of Matt Denny, A3 and his wife Cristina.  Matt and Cristina were wed in September in Italy, and the photo was taken on Huntington Beach Pier in California.  They are now at Fort Benning where Matt is attending AOC.  The last photo is Tom and his girlfriend Trisha Ballard skiing in Washington State, taken when Tom was still stationed at Fort Lewis.  Thanks for the news!

8 November 1999.  Fort Huachuca, Arizona.  News from your web scribe, Anthony Iasso, D1.  It's been a few weeks since I've updated the class page, but during that time I'm proud to say that Heather and I had our second son on November 8, 1999.  Alexander Iasso joins Heather, big brother Nicholas, and I and the '95 family grows once more.

October 1999.  Munich, Germany.   Here's a great photo of Grover Harms, A4 and Chris Green, A4 having a blast at Oktoberfest in Munich.

21 October 1999.  Somewhere out there.  Brian Surratt, F4, dropped me a quick line to let me know that his companymate Doug Raymond, F4, is marrying CPT Therese Merchant on June 16, 2000 at the Ecole Militaire Chapel in Paris.  Therese isn't a grad, but she will be a West Point French instructor when she completes graduate school, so we should expect to see the Raymonds back at our Rock-Bound Highland Home some time in the future.  In other news, Dan Head, E1, informs me that he arrived safely for the start of his tour in Korea on August 31.  Dan's serving with the 4th SQDN, 7th Cav, CP Gary Owen.  One last bit of news...Mike Jason, our Assembly scribe, forwarded me a great family photo of Scott Nauman, C3, his wife Sara and their daughter Megan, born September 14 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

18 October 1999.  Seoul, South Korea.   Andy Hospodar, H2, sends great news and photos from Korea, where he's currently stationed.  In February 1999, Andy was married to Ji Sun.  Also stationed in Seoul with Andy and all "Happy as Hell" to be from H2 is Ryan Teksten, Tim Flynn, Brian Foldenhauer, and Tony Gabbert.   The photos are of Andy's promotion in July, of Andy and Ji Sun, and of Andy, Ji Sun, Tony Gabbert and his Tony's wife knocking down some brews in Seoul.

15 October 1999.  Columbia, South America.  News from Louis Cifuentes, H2.  Louis writes, "Life is busy as a tactical officer at the Colombian Military Academy. I´m getting ready to conduct a 6 week counterguerrilla course with my company starting next week. The past three weeks have been hectic planning training and getting all the documentation ready. This is a demanding job but a rewarding one. I haven't got too much sleep in the past few days but is well worth it.  On the personal side, I plan to stay single for a while."  Sounds like he's doing great things.  In case you missed them, there are photos of Louis on the job in the photo gallery from earlier this year.

10 October 1999.  Somewhere in Thailand.  Here is a great picture.  Yuttana Meecharoen, C3, now a Captain, is serving his time as a Buddhist Monk in Thailand.  Here's a photo of Yuttana on duty!
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10 October 1999.  Somewhere in the Army.   Here is another great picture--this one of Eric Duckworth, D4 on duty.  Hey, that looks like my office!

5 October 1999.  Savannah, Georgia.   Devon Blake (Morris), G2 sends news from her home station at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah.  On December 5, 1998 Devon married Tim Blake, a real civilian, no less!  In attendance as bridesmaids was Paula Kranz, A2, Sarah Ross, D3 and Abi Thompson, F4, who you should be able to pick out in the wedding photo below.  Devon's currently on deployment to Bosnia as an augmentee to 10th Mountain Division, Task Force 2-15 Field Artillery Regiment.  Devon also sends other great photos--one from her promotion to Captain on July 1 and another of her surrounded by children in Bosnia.
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5 October 1999.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.   Mike Jason forwarded me some great photos and news for the class page.  Gail Atkins (Wilson), F2 was married on December 31, 1998 to T.J. Atkins, a captain in the Infantry at Fort Bragg.  Gail has been at Bragg since January, 1998 after a short tour in Honduras.  She's deferring the advanced course in order to take command of an aviation company in the 82nd Airborne Division in late November.  Spencer Clouatre, F4, will not be heading to the advanced course either---he's getting ready to take command of B/1-159 AVN in 18th ABN Corps later this month.  Cindy Atkins (Laoboonmi), C3, should have returned from Tuzla a few weeks ago and should be heading to the advanced course soon.  Gail also sent a photo from her elopement with T.J. last December.
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4 October 1999.  Camp Gary Owen, Korea.   Brief news from Dan Head, E1, who just arrived in Korea on August 31.  Like a good plebe, Dan reports that as of the 4th of October he has just 336 and a butt days remaining in the old 4th SQDN, 7th CAV!

23 September 1999.  Fort Bliss, Texas.   Mark Adinolfi, B2 was one of 12 classmates (including the groom!) to attend the wedding of Brian and Jessica Cahak, C4.  The ceremony was held at one of the chapels on Fort Bliss and the reception was at the Officer's Club.  Mark sent two photos, one of Jessica and Brian, and another of the members of '95 that attended.  In attendance, clockwise from right in the photo, is Dan Nettesheim,B2, Brigitte (Yuskis) Nettesheim, B2, Colin McGraw, H4, Bryan Coleman, C4, Todd Verrill, H4, Brian Cahak, C4, Eric Klingeman, D4,  Dean Cahak (brother of the groom), Jason Anderson,E4, Mark Adinolfi, B2, Jake Walker, C4, Brent Edwards, H1 (best man), and Chris Steiner, F1.

21 September 1999.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Another birth announcement--Sara and Scott Nauman, C3 had their first child, Megan Elizabeth, in Fayetteville on September 14th.  She weighed in at 5lbs, 5oz.  Megan was born on the eve of Hurricane Floyd, and baby and Sara are doing fine.   (We're all glad they didn't change her name to Floyd!)

15 September 1999.  Florida.  Great news from Jason Caldwell, H2 and his wife Jennifer!  Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sidney Leigh Caldwell, on August 26, 1999.  She weighed in at a healthy 8lbs, 11oz and was 22" long.   Congratulations to Jason and Jennifer...another addition to the ever-expanding family of the Class of '95.

4 September 1999.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.   I received news from Stacey Pittmann, C2, who is stationed at Fort Bragg.  Stacey married Stacey Ann Lee at West Point on May 16, 1998--Stacey and Stacey!  You can reach the Pittmann's at (910) 860-8234.

31 August 1999.  Fort Hood, Texas.   Upon returning from a quick TDY to Fort Hood, I received a message from Rey Gumboc, D1, who happens to be there.  Rey is serving as the Darnall Army Community Hospital's Radiation Safety Officer.  He reports that just this past weekend, in Calhoun, GA, John Frasier, A1, married Ms. Amy Cochran.  John came back from an 11-month tour in Bosnia on August 4 and was married on August 28.  Rey was a groomsman and Walter Robertson, D4, was a sabre bearer for the ceremony.

28 August 1999.  Fort Jackson, South Carolina.   Quick news from Christa Chewar, F4.  Christa is currently at Fort Jackson as commander of the Chaplain Center and School.  Brian Surratt, F4, is also at Fort Jackson.

23 August 1999.  Fort Huachuca, Arizona.   I spoke today with Kevin Johnson, E3, who is working down the hall from me as an action officer in the MI Battle Lab.  He recently returned from leave in Europe to find out that in October he's going to Bosnia on a 6-month rotation.  He forwarded me some great pictures from his promotion and from a foray into cow branding that he did with his church group. The promotion photo was "enhanced" by one of the warrant officers in his office.

21 August 1999.  Fort Drum, New York.   Josh Higgins, I2, sends news from Fort Drum.  Josh writes, "I just cannot seem to get out of New York. After flight school, I came here and was a blackhawk platoon leader for 2 years, then the HHC, 10th AV BDE XO, and now the HHC, 10th AV BDE Rear D Commander. I have about 110 soldiers in the rear and will stay in this job until the other half of the company redeploys in April. After that, I will go to the advanced course."   He sends some great pictures of some of their birds in Albania.

16 August 1999.  Washington, D.C. Larry Edwards, D1, writes from the capital where he's been assigned to the Old Guard!  Rest assured, as always he's working hard.  Along with working in the Old Guard, Larry's been pursuing an MBA at George Washington University and he and John Brennan, C3 have been hard at work on Rangerbuddy.com, a new way for military alumni to "network".  Best of all, Larry and his wife just had their second child, Sophia Hannah, just six weeks ago.  Their son Jacob Hunter is already two years old! 

13 August 1999.  Kosovo.  I received a brief message, minus an e-mail address, from Rich Velloff, D1, but given the circumstances, I can understand why.  Rich entered Kosovo with Task Force Falcon on 16 June 1999.  He's been serving as the Task Force G-3 Air Officer.  Other classmates who arrived later in Kosovo include Paul Stanton, D1, Mike Dixon, and Stephanie Arnold, F3.

19 July 1999.  Camp McGovern, Bosnia.   Kevin Finch, G1, has been hard at work serving as the TF 1-12 CAV Joint Mission Commission Officer at Camp McGovern.  Jennifer (Param) Finch, C4, is also in Bosnia, stationed at Eagle Base and working at the Division G2.  Jennifer and Kevin have been in country since August 1998.  On July 16, he had the opportunity to conduct some joint training with a Russian unit and he sends great photo.  Kevin's in the middle (the tallest guy in the photo).  The other US officers in the picture are Russian LNO CPT Joe Bayerl to the right and CPT Bryan Jones, Kevin's replacement, on the left.  The APC is a BTR-80. Keep up the guard!

7 July 1999.  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.   Grover Harms, A4, sent me some photos of Ethan Vessels' (B2) wedding.   Ethan and his wife Suzy were married at West Point on June 19.  Grover was the best man, Dante Brown, H2, and John Baker, B2, were groomsman and saber bearers.   Sean Lynch was also in attendance.

1 July 1999.  Columbia, South America.  I received a letter and photographs from our classmate Luis Cifuentes, H2, sent via our Assembly Scribe, Mike Jason.  You can read the complete letter by clicking on the "letter" icon below.

30 June 1999.  Fort Gordon, Georgia.  In an update from Marcus Ponce de Leon, I2, who last checked in on 28 February 1999.  Marcus and his wife Georgina are at Fort Gordon, where Marcus begins surgery internship at Eisenhower army medical center, and Georgina studies pediatrics at the Medical College of Georgia. Kevin Chung, G2 and Brian Fogarty, I3 are doing their residency internal medicine training and Lisa Maxwell, G3 is doing a transitional year internship.  Also, from the same neck of the woods, Kevin Chung, G2 writes with news.  To update John Chu's message from 16 June in reference to Kevin's wedding, he writes "I got married on June 5th.  David Bell, H3, Ken Wanless, C3, John Chu, F2, Chip Seeger, I2, Brian 'don't call me crack' Bledsoe, G2, Joseph Lee, A4, Ken Young, I1, Corey Settles, C2, and Pete Conboy, G2, kicked butt as groomsmen and saber bearers." 

17 June 1999.  San Antonio, Texas.  Omar Ali, H2, scrubbed out of the OR to send me this update on life for the doctors among us.  On April 12, 1999, Matthew Omar Ali was born to Omar and his wife!  Omar just graduated medical school on June 11, and is starting his pediatric internship at Brooke AMC in San Antonio.  He reports that "all has been going well since leaving West Point," and that Chris Roach, A3, is also in San Antonio doing surgery!

17 June 1999.  Fort Carson, Colorado.  Dan Nettesheim, B2, sends news from Fort Carson, where he and Brigitte (Yuskis) Nettesheim, B2, are enjoying the Colorado scene.  Dan writes: "Out here at Fort Carson and Colorado Springs the skies are a deep blue, the mountain tops are frosted white, and the nights are cool (okay-cold). Nonetheless, ask just about any classmate and he/she will inevitably tell you that Colorado can't be beat.   Recently, Stu Coston, C1 was engaged to Nidge Adhvaryu ('96). They plan to get married here in the Springs on 18 September. Stu and Craig Schwartz, A2, both served in 2d Howitzer Battery and have since moved to the S3 shop, 2/3 ACR. Craig and his wife, Gwen, have stayed busy this winter by taking full advantage of season passes to Breckenridge and Keystone Ski Resorts. Brigitte (Yuskis) Nettesheim, B2, has started her third command as the B Detachment Commander, 4th Finance. To take a break from the bombardment of finance problems, she ran the Boston Marathon on 19 May. She runs with Melissa Wyka, B4, every morning on the Ft Carson Running Team. Melissa works in the Support Office in 68th CSB. She was recently engaged to Rick Aguilar ('94) and is currently touring Europe. Brian Bolio, E3, currently an aviation platoon leader, is also getting married. He's tying the knot with Suzette Bible in her hometown, Fort Wayne, IN, on 19 June. Pat Pflaum, B4, serves as the BMO for the 4th Engineers. He was recently picked up for the Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP). He has decided to stay out here a little longer and will attend the University of Colorado School of Law starting in August. Mike Peffley, A2, has been swamped as the S1 for 1/3 ACR. He and his wife, Tracy, also head for the slopes to relax and have fun. Rob Ahern's, B2, wife, Christine is holding down the fort while he spends six months in the United Kingdom. He's been working (or so he says) as an analyst over there with the Allies. Brian Wood, E2, is the BMO for 3-29 FA. Geoff Van Epps, C1, returned from six months in Bosnia. He will be off again for the Engineer Advanced Course this summer. And, Casey Minott, G2, has left 3d Howitzer Battery to be the S4 for 3/3 ACR."  Thanks to Dan for the great update.  One other note, today while I was at the AAFES gas pumps here on Fort Huachuca, I bumped into Paul Kirschbaum, B1, who is here for the MI Advanced Course and doing well after spending his last few (busy) years at Fort Stewart.   Paul's wife is in the Air Force, and is stationed in the DC area, where he plans to rejoin her after MIOAC.

16 June 1999.  Fort Irwin, California.   John Chu, F2, was at the recent wedding of classmate Kevin Chung, G2, when he heard about the new class website from Ken Wanless, C3, who also attended the wedding.  Although John regrets not having photos from the wedding, he sends the following news.  "I've been at Fort Irwin since Jan 97. I fought the BLUFOR for almost 18 rotations as a platoon leader of the RECON and Operations Platoon of the 511th MI Company, 11th ACR. Then I moved over to the NTC Corps Support Battalion to take over as the HHD Commander in AUG 98. I'll finish up my 13 months of command in September and head off to Fort Huachuca for OAC."  Now there's a busy guy!  John also sends his unit's web address which contains photos.   You can find it on the '95 Links page. Thanks John!

30 May 1999.  Fort Lewis, Washington.   Who would have thought it?  Kevin Virgil, D1, wrote to me from Fort Lewis to let me know that he's currently in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He says that "the job is great, even if the haircuts look stupid, but I'm still having a great time."  In fact, Kevin says that he's extending for another year so that he can be the Battalion S-5.  Also with him is Jay Bartholomees, H1, Bill Linn, D4, and Derek Thomsen, E1, all three of whom will be leaving shortly for IOAC at Fort Benning.

19 May 1999.  Langley AFB, Virginia.   Adam Wallen, C3, wrote with some news from the land of blue.  After cross-commissioning into the Air Force after graduation, he spent his first assignment doing one-on-one engagement modeling in an intelligence squadron at Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska.  His next assignment was at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, where he attended the AF Institute of Technology and got his masters in Operations Research.   Currently, he's doing manpower analysis for flying squadrons at Langley AFB in Virginia.  The big news for Adam is that he's getting married to Olivia Kramer on August 22nd in Colorado Springs, although he stresses that the ceremony will NOT be at USAFA.  Adam sends other news too.  Yuttana Meecharoen, C3, who also finished his masters at Georgia Tech and is now teaching at the Thai Military Academy.  Scott Nauman, C3 and his wife Sara are pregnant with their first baby!  And Shad Reed, G3, another USAF cross-commissionee and his wife Sandy recently PCSed to Robbins AFB, Georgia.

18 May 1999.  Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Today I bumped into Matt Passante, D4, who happened to be an escort officer for a VIP attending a briefing I gave on the Hunter UAV.  He's been at Fort Huachuca for 3 weeks and is working in the Directorate of Combat Development.  I just spoke with him in passing, but he's doing well.  I also received an e-mail from Paula Kranz, A2.   Paula and I were platoon leaders together in B/102d MI Bn in Korea, where she, being a natural leader, did a fantastic job and represented '95 well.  She sent me her new e-mail address (you can click on her name to write her) and her phone numbers, which I'd be happy to share on request.

16 May 1999.  Fort Huachuca, Arizona.   Victor Won, E1 dropped me a line from just up the street!  He too is here at Fort Huachuca, and sends this message to the class: "Howdy folks. Anthony didn't know this last time he posted the message, but I'm also here in Ft. Huachuca. I'm working as the Operations Officer for USAG G-3. Basically I am the tasking officer sending everyone to Bosnia, Kosovo and everywhere else. I'm enjoying the Arizona's beautiful weather after serving three consecutive years in Korea with my wife, Hannah (we got married in Korea in 1998). Hope everyone is well and I also wanted to comment that this is an awesome website for us to keep in touch."

14 May 1999.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  I have great news for another one of our classmates.  Karen and Rob Schlicht, H2, were married on April 17, 1999 at 3:30pm in the 82d Airborne Division Memorial Chapel on Fort Bragg, with a receiption at the officer's club following the ceremony.  In August, Rob and Karen will move to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for AOAC.  The Class of '95 wishes Rob and Karen the best!

8 May 1999.  Fort Hood, Texas.  Greg Hinson, F4, my fellow CS major, writes with great news from Fort Hood.  Greg and his wife Julie are pregnant (actually, just Julie is pregnant) and are expecting a boy on October 1st!   Greg is serving as the S-4 for the 124th Signal Battalion.  Congrats! 

4 May 1999.  Fort Benning, Georgia.   Brief news from Mike T. Williams, I3.   Mike's living at Fort Benning with his wife Amy.  After tank and mortar platoon leader time with 3ID, he's taken command of the HHD, US Army Marksmanship Unit on 29 January--"the greatest job in the Army!"

4 May 1999.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Eric Meyer, E2 checked in with some news: "While in Germany with 2nd BDE, 1AD, met & married Elke, who was a med student at the University of Heidelberg. I got out in June 98, and started working for Ford in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Been here ever since, doing the National Guard thing (don't do it -- it's painful), and hoping we don't get activated for Bosnia/Kosovo. She's in the process of transferring into med school at the University of Michigan, so things look bright. Saw Larry Marion, B4 back here -- he's going to U-M for his masters full-time, and scamming on all the other grad students. Justin Keppy also works here, in the same plant. No kids for us right now, although I just talked to Bart Martin, H1 & his wife Kristi, who are having TWINS! What the fertile guy! =) Well, that's all for now. All of you over in USAREUR / Balkans -- take care, and be safe."  Thanks, for the scoop Eric.

3 May 1999.  Fort Gordon.  Brent Brown, D1, sends news from Fort Gordon, Georgia.  Brent's currently the Resource Management Officer for the 202nd MI Battalion.  He married his sweetheart, Sonya, during OBC (for them) and in a ceremony after OBC (for their families) so he's twice as married as most!  Sonya is doing great things as a Vice President for iXL, an Internet firm in Augusta.  Rob Vedra, H3, has been accepted into a great Law School program and is currently going for his degree.  Bob Ferris, C1, is in Company Command right now, and will be returning soon to Fort Huachuca to attend MIOAC.  Vic Sundquist, H3, will be PCSing to Fort Benning where he too will be taking Company Command.  In Brent's unit at Fort Gordon are also members of '96 (Rob Barnsby, Steve Mills, and Bais Osbourne) and '97 (Brad Davey and Justin Krider).

2 May 1999.  Fort Knox.   A ton of news in from Pete Hart, G4, who is currently attending the Armor Advanced Course at Knox.  After Pete married Erin on 1 July 1995, they went to Fort Bragg, where depoyments in Panama, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait followed.  Although he's still infantry, he's at Armor OAC along with John Hwang, I3.  John is married with three (3!) children, the youngest of being just 2 months old.  Jimmy Kimbrough, B2 married Jennifer last November down in Savannah.  Phil Cowley, G2 is in the 3rd Ranger Battalion.  
Jimmy Tuite, G4, married his highschool sweetheart and now has a daughter.  He's in the 1st Ranger Battalion along with Mike Harper, H1Andy Rieger, E3, also married his highschool sweetheart.  They too have a small daughter and are stationed at Fort Bragg.   (It sounds like the 50% of the "2 percent club" is there!)  Joe Dunlop, H4, is flying Apaches and is currently deployed to Kosovo.  Hans Kurth, D4, was involuntarily extended with 2/505 PIR at Ft. Bragg and deployed to Kosovo to guard the Apaches.  Alex McCalman, F1, also an infantryman, was selected for Special Forces and is also at the Armor Advanced Course with Pete and John in an earlier class.  Thanks for the news, Pete.

2 May 1999.  Mike "Mo" Williams, D1, dropped a line to say that he's doing great.  Mike returned from a tour in Korea from Dec '95 to Dec '96 where he was stationed at Camp Hovey.  He's no longer playing Army full time, but instead is working for Michelin Tire Corporation as an Industrial Engineer.   Now there's somebody who's using his degree! 

30 April 1999.  Fort Hood.  My old pal from CTLT in Germany, Mike Zizza, H4, wrote to me from Fort Hood with great news.  He and some other guys from Mike's battalion at Fort Hood took an early out.  Although there's no mention of what they're doing, I'm sure it's great stuff.  Bill Taylor, B3, was married on the weekend of March 27.  Bill and his wife Tracy live at Fort Hood.   Attending the wedding, besides Mike Z, was Mike Volpe, B4 and Mark Yurko, B4.   Thanks for the news!

14 April 1999.  Hawaii.  Clay Degiacinto, A1 wrote to me from Hawaii with great news.  He and his wife Cynthia are doing great.   Clay is a Battalion Fire Direction Officer in the 25th Infantry Division, and Cynthia works as a budget analyst for the Department of the Navy.  I pulled a photo of them in their back yard from their homepage because they make such a great couple.   Clay sends news of other '95ers as well. "Mike Dhunjishah, D2 and Luke Omey, D2 are going to the SFAS this month. Andy MacLean, A3 is the SouthCom General's Aide down in Miami Florida. That is about all I know. Marty Camp, E1 is getting married next month before he goes to FAOAC, and Derek Placke, H4 is engaged to be married. His fiancée is an Army nurse, who was stationed out here and transferred to Korea, but they are planning a spring of 2000 wedding."

6 April 1999.  Albuquerque, New Mexico.   News from Todd Harrington, G4!  He's been Air Force blue since graduation, and has spent time working with satellites at the National Air Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson and at the Air Force Research Lab at Kritland AFB.  While at the NAIC, Todd met Ms. Tanya Quast, who we're happy to report he'll be marrying in a ceremony scheduled for June 26!  Todd also reports that Kevin Nabb, A4, is now married and he and his wife Tara are stationed with the 58th Signal Battalion in Japan.  He had brief news about Pete Hart, G4, who is now at the Infantry Advanced Course, and a newly married Brigitte Yuskis, B2, who he bumped into in a restaurant in Colorado Springs.  Here's a photo of Todd and his wife-to-be on a ski trip in Taos, New Mexico in February.

2 April 1999.  Richmond, Virginia.  Here's a great photo of Mike Waterman, who's now in the National Guard, Jim Patton, C1, who's on his way to Fort Stewart, and Grover Harms, A4, who is on his way to Hanau, Germany, along with the Supe at the 1999 Founder's Day dinner in Richmond.

28 February 1999.  Somewhere in Texas!  News from Marcus Ponce de Leon, I2 "I've been in med school here at Texas A&M since graduation and am just about ready to kick off my army career. Ha! I graduate in June and will be starting a surgery residency at Ft. Gordon, GA. The school year is winding down and I'm busy planning for the big move and the wedding. Georgina and I will be getting married in Sept. back at USMA. On other news, Joel Burbank F1, his wife Holly, and their kiddos are at nearby Ft. Hood and we all keep in close touch. They are doing well and Joel should be heading for the advance course in the near future."

21 January 1999.  Tuzla, Bosnia.    Here's a great letter from Mandi Moynihan, G1 who is currently in Tuzla, forwarded by Ryan Teksten, H2 to our Assembly Scribe.  

I had a neat opportunity the other day. I was able to go visit some children at a school in the town right outside our base camp. It was amazing to see how these children live. Their clothes were very dirty and they barely had any school supplies, yet they were generally happy children.

Soldiers bring candy, school supplies, soccer balls, etc. to the children. It was so much fun to see how excited they get - even to just get a pencil. I met one girl, Shaina, who is 10 years old and speaks very good English. We talked for a long time and she wants to be a doctor. Marsh, maybe you could hook her up! :-) Goeff, she didn't say anything about being a Marine pilot, but maybe next time! I've attached some pictures..she's the girl to the right of me in the light blue jacket.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share this experience. It was very heart-warming and again, it made me appreciate how lucky we are in the States.

I hope you all are doing well.
Talk to ya soon!

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20 January 1999.  Ft. Huachuca, AZ.  This is Anthony Iasso, D1, the new webmaster for '95.  I'll start the news board out by giving you the low-down on what's going on here in sunny Ft. Huachuca, AZ.  After a tour in Korea, I'm here serving as a Hunter UAV platoon leader.  I'm here with my wife Heather (we were married in Korea in 1996) and my son Nicholas, who's now 17 months old.  Several MI members of '95 are also here at Fort Huachuca. Tracy (Soto) Ryser, D4  is a platoon leader in Company B, 304th MI Battalion, working in a DS role, supporting the field exercises for the MI schoolhouse.  She's married and has an adorable little boy named Jake.  My companymate Ryan Hanson, D1 is serving as a Company XO in the 309th MI Bn.  He and his wife Kim arrived last summer.  Also here is Kevin Johnson, E3, raising havoc in the Battle Lab on Ft. Huachuca.  More good news for Sarah (Eichinger) Forysiak, F2.   Recently married, she just assumed command and is doing an outstanding job as one of the first from '95 to take company command!  Ethan Vessels, B2 is hard at work as the editor of the MI magazine.  Hopefully EN302 is still fresh in his mind!  Angela (Pease) Weston, E4 is also here at Ft. Huachuca serving as the XO of Alpha Company, 304th MI Battalion.

13 January 1999.  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  France Hoang, F1 writes from Kansas, "I'm at Fort Leavenworth now, having turned down the Advanced Course to pursue the FBI. My job is the Provost Marshal Operations Officer, so tell everyone to PLEASE not get a speeding ticket at CAS3 or else I'll never hear the end of it from my MPs. I also run the SWAT team on post. I start my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and an EMT course this month and am also staying busy teaching and competing Swing Dance in Kansas City. See pic attached to this document. When folks come by Fort Leavenworth for CAS3, they should give me a ring at (913) 758-0465. I'll tell where all the good bars in KC are."