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From:  Robertson, William N. 
Sent:  Tuesday, August 17, 1999 9:01 AM 
To:  'USMA1964' 
Subject:  Bruce McKinley Cemetary Visit 8/14/99 

Eight of eleven classmates in the area turned out to visit Bruce 
McKinley's grave on Saturday 8/14/99. (The other three had pretty good 
excuses. Jose Muratti was in Puerto Rico visiting his father recovering 
from an operation. Jack MIller was in the process of moving to Tennessee, 
and Tom Rhoades declined due to health concerns). Unfortunately, there are 
no known McKinley family members in the area, so we were it. The last 
known address for Brenda McKinley is now an office park. 

Together we read the 23rd Psalm and Ecclesiastes Chap 3. Individually we 
read  the names of all of our deceased classmates. Then together we read 
the Cadet Prayer, and sang (as best we could) The Corps, and the Alma 
Mater. We then shared memories we had of Bruce. 

Below shows the eight classmates (not to be mistaken for the Cadet 
Glee Club). Left to right: Dave Stepek, Brink Miller, Bill Robertson, 
George Smith, Jim Stapleton, Steven Draper, Jim Dalton, and Bob Ballagh. 

The picture at top, later in Robertson's front yard, top left to right: Bob Ballagh, 
Steven Draper, Brink Miller, George Smith, Joan and Bill Roberton, Sherry 
Smith, and Carolyn Stapelton. bottom left to right: Ella Ballagh, Lucy 
Draper, Virginia and Jim Dalton. Dave and Lucy Stepek did attend the get 
together but arrived after the co-ed photo was taken. 

Incidently, Jim Dalton's (ex-cadet - hence no picture in yearbook) served 
in Vietnam as a Marine helicopter pilot and retired as a LTC from the 
Marine Reserves, and is a member of the West Point Society of Atlanta. Jim 
and Virginia have visited his former roommate, Neville Colburn's grave in 

We have a very special class. 


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