Dessert Template

Template for Plebes cutting a circular dessert, such as a pie or cake, into the exact number of pieces for the cadets at their table. The rule is that every cadet shares equally in the meal, including dessert, and dessert is usually a pie or cake which must be cut into equal sized portions.

Click on the thumbnail to go to the round template which can be downloaded and printed.  One can then cut out the template and either laminate or cover it in a clear plastic baggie, or both. The Plebe keeps it in his/her hat. (If double covered, it is more sanitary. Also, placing a sugar packet on top of the dessert, under the template keeps the template off the dessert.) The diameter is smaller than the pie or cake so that the template can be easily centered and the cut points scribed on the outer diameter of the dessert. The numbers indicate the number of pieces when cuts are made along all lines with that number and the 9 is circled to avoid confusion with the "6".

dessert_template-l.jpg (112623 bytes)

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