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1. This is a PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATE / PARENT Forum. Cadets may not post to this list. Only prospective candidates, their parents, and a few select others who are here to assist may post messages to this list. Please be sure when you post it has something to do with West Point, prospective candidates, or the military. However, this is not a forum to discuss general topics of such. Moderator(s) can limit or call to an end discussion of any topic when deemed necessary for the benefit of the listserv.

2. This is a place to ask questions and learn from the experience of other West Point prospective candidates. It is not, however, the place to air complaints about the application, nomination, or admissions process.

3. No discussion of the administrative policy of any other list.

4. No discussion of information shared on other forums.

5. No advertising of any non-cadet related material, other than books on military topics. That includes naming products or businesses. However, URL's for products or business may be posted.

6. No flaming of other list members.

7. No calls to action (e.g. "write to your Congressional representative").

8. No discussion on the right/wrong of WP-ORG, Army or West Point Administration, decisions, or rulings.

9. No profane language.

10. No complaints about "techno litter". If the volume is too high for you, use the delete button or ask to be switched to Digest.)

11. Please do NOT post names of current cadets at West Point.

12. No forwarding of e-mail (to or from the list) without permission of the author. Violation of this rule may result in immediate removal from the list. Furthermore, no member will post a message to the list for suspended members.

13. All members must maintain current, up-to-date anti-virus software on their computers and must update their virus definitions and anti-virus protections on a weekly basis. For reference, see http://www.west-point.org/antivirus.html.

14. Please DO NOT put tag lines under your name such as “Proud WP Mom” or “Dad of John, 2013”. (The only tag line permitted is that which is posted automatically on each message sent to the list that includes your subscription information.)

15. If you have a standard signature block on your email program which contains business information, including the "confidentiality - for use by intended recipient only" verbiage so common, please delete it before you send your message. Please remove inspirational quotes, etc. from your message and/or signature.

VIOLATIONS OF THE LIST RULES (which are subject to change as necessary) MAY

****To send a message to everyone on the list, address your message to:

****To send a message privately to the moderator, address your message to:

****Always include a subject line in your message.

****When replying to a posted message, it is best to simply start a new message rather than use "reply". When using "reply", please delete the previous message and all headers/footers. The listserv software does not permit message "threads". You may include a snippet from a previously posted message, i.e., "A member asked about where to purchase low quarters and boots".

Welcome to Prospective Net!