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If you are a 2022 parent please go to Plebe Net - do not subscribe to Prospective Net!

is an email listserv for all prospective candidates to the United States Military Academy at West Point and their parents. Members of this listserv have an opportunity to ask questions and share information about all aspects of the West Point application and admission process.

A listserv is an email program for communicating with other people subscribed to the same list.When you submit a message to the "list", your message is relayed to all those on the listserv.You will receive messages from other participants via email. Members may also email the list moderators privately.

This particular listserv's topics of discussion will take parents and applicants from the early stages of considering an application and opening a file through seeking nominations, acceptance, preparation, and finally Reception Day (R Day).

Our membership includes Field Force Representatives/Military Academy Liaison Officers as well as parents of cadets who have been through the process in recent years. Both will provide timely information for you.

This list does not originate from the Department of Admissions at West Point and does not interfere with or take the place of the admissions process. It is a parent-sponsored list with the intent to provide a forum for you to exchange information.

  • Subscribers must make their own individual requests for subscription.
  • Parent Clubs may not subscribe members.
  • Individuals may be contacted by the moderator to verify subscription prior to subscribing the member.
  • Subscribers will receive an email notficiation when subscription has been processed. Our moderators are volunteeers, subscriptions are done as soon as possible.

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If you are a 2022 parent please go to Plebe Net - do not subscribe to Prospective Net!