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Our simple rules:

  1. No advertising of any non-cadet related material, *other than books on military topics and transportation for cadets on leave*.
  2. No forwarding of e-mail (to or from the list) without permission of the author. Violation of this rule may result in immediate removal from the list. Furthermore, no member will post a message to the list for suspended members.
  3. No discussion on the right/wrong of WP-ORG, the Army, the West Point Administration, or any decisions, policies and/or rulings made by those entities/organizations or of the actions, policies or decisions of the military chain of command, up to and including the Commander-In-Chief. Furthermore, no discussion of the Administrative policy of any other list.
  4. This is a West Point parents' list. Please be sure when you post it has something to do with West Point, your cadet, or the military. Furthermore, as a PARENT list, cadets may not read forum news nor post to the list.
  5. This is a place to ask questions and learn from the experience of other West Point parents. It is not, however, the place to air the complaints from your cadets about life at West Point.
  6. Mentioning your cadet by name on our lists could lead to *others* being able to identify them. One should refrain from being specific or naming names. At NO time will any member list the name, company, or any other identifying information of a cadet.
  7. No flaming of other list members. Period. We can share differing opinions without getting rude, sarcastic or mean. Remember that the written word lasts forever.
  8. Under no circumstances will profane language be tolerated.
  9. All members must maintain current, up-to-date anti-virus software on their computers and must update their virus definitions and anti-virus protections on a weekly basis. For reference, see
  10. Please DO NOT put anything under your names, such as catch phrases, (Proud Mom 2007) references to poems or psalms, or business addresses and/or information. Information of importance (your name and the year your son/daughter will graduate) is included at the bottom of each post.

    Additionally, if you have a standard signature block on your email program which contains business information, including the "confidentiality - for use by intended recipient only" verbiage so common, please delete it before you send your message. We ask this for two simple reasons: all this verbiage creates bandwidth and unnecessarily clogs the archives and if there is a note sent from a member to a moderator, we need to be able to share that information with our fellow moderators in order to act upon it.

  11. No complaints about "TECHNOLITTER". If the volume is too high for you... find the delete button! Don't forget, we also offer a "Digest" version (ten emails grouped together newsletter fashion). You may not receive all the emails "live time" but may find the volume more suitable to your liking.

We trust that all members will abide by the spirit as well as the letter of these rules, and help maintain the integrity of our lists. If violations occur, however, they may result in member suspension or removal.


Reflects changes as of 8/13/07