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The Parent Forum is a listserv (email list) with approximately 6,000 members. This list allows the family of United States Military Academy Cadets to discuss, support, etc. topics/issues of interest. It is a list designed to draw on the experienced cadet parent. Be gentle! There are no dumb questions.

We serve the needs of parents from three of the four classes, as well as the parents/grandparents of West Point graduates. Plebe parents are encouraged to join Plebe-Net

The different Classes are as follows:
Plebe - freshman/member of the Fourth Class
Yearling- sophomore/member of the Third Class
Cow - junior/member of the Second Class
Firstie - senior/member of the First Class

The types of discussions that are allowed will be dictated by the members of the list. However, members are expected to be self-moderating -- that is, opinions or comments must be becoming of a West Point Parent and the responses must reflect proper decorum.

Email messages posted to Parent Forum are sent as individual email messages to your computer at the email address you subscribe with. If you would rather receive these email messages 'batched' in groups of 10 and delivered in one mailing you may request this when you subscribe.

The provider of this service serves notice that opinions expressed within this list do not reflect the opinion of the provider, nor does the provider necessarily agree with them. If at any time a discussion within the list becomes, in the opinion of the list moderator(s), heated to the point where common decency and courtesy are lost, the moderator(s) reserves the right to end the discussion.