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  • Gray-net is an email list for parents of West Point cadets, who are threatened with, or considering leaving West Point.

    To join, click on the "SUBSCRIBE NOW" button on the left, or click HERE.

    ATTENTION: ****I will not process any request that does not put in the comment section that 1. the subscriber is a parent, and 2. that they have a cadet leaving West Point. You need not go into the details of why they are leaving, but I must have that small bit of information. Once you have qualified yourself with those two pieces of info, I will check your email address against our other parent lists to be sure you are a member, and then subscribe you. ****

    ONCE YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED: The list is very quiet, unless someone is asking a question. To post your question, write to:

    If you don't ask, your questions won't be answered. :-) This is a very safe list. Feel free to speak. however, I want to make sure you are WELL aware of the rules of this list before you do:

    It is completely understandable, that there are raw emotions for the majority of members here. Everyone on this list has been in a situation that binds us together in that area. However, the potential for this list to become a USMA bash list is great, and that is not permitted. Therefore, I have a zero tolerance rule in that regard. You may express your grief (we expect that), you may express your need for knowledge (there is typically a huge void in the "what is to come" area), you may ask about policy, but you may not play the blame game. Breaking the rules on this list is subject to immediate removal. No notes of warning, no notes from the moderator -- just gone.

    Here are the rules of the list:

    All posts to this list are held in the most strict confidentiality. *There is a zero tolerance for breaking this or any of the rules of this list*. So important is this list to its members, that no second chances are provided -- you are simply removed from the list, so please pay close attention to the rules:

    1. No discussion of the Administrative policy of any other WP-ORG list.

    2. No advertising

    3. No flaming of other list members, Period.

    4. Cadets are never to be privy to any discussions on this list.

    5. No calls to action. (Ie... "write to the President" )

    6. No discussion on the right/wrong of WP-ORG, Army or West Point Administration, decisions, or rulings. *** NOTE **** I understand that when your cadet is going through a rough time, it is difficult not to play the blame game, and often the Academy comes out the worse for wear. This is not the place for this, however. I understand that specific questions will come up regarding policy, or particulars in situatioins, however, please be VERY careful never to call out TAC's or upperclassmen as being to blame or in any way responsible for the situation your cadet is in, even if you believe they are.

    Example: If your cadet has stated that his TAC is being unfair, you might explain to the list that your cadet is experiencing issues with the Tactical dept, and you would like clarification on what their role is with cadets. THAT is absolutely within our rules. However, you may not state "The TAC is being a jerk, and is completely unfair with my cadet".

    7. All posts must be concerning separation, or possible separation from West Point. We're not here to discuss military life in general.

    9. No profane language.

    10. No complaints about "TECHNOLITTER" If the volume is too high for you... find the delete button!

    11. No forwarding of e-mail (to or from the list) without permission of the author. PERIOD !

    12. All members must maintain current, up-to-date anti-virus software on their computers.

    14. Mentioning your cadet by name is bad form. At NO time will any member list the name, company, or any other identifying information of a cadet that is not their family member.


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