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This forum serves as a discussion forum where subjects concerning politics, elections--and other related topics--will be discussed.

This forum is a lively, fun, rough-n-tumble, and "lightly" moderated forum that is probably not for the faint of heart! We anticipate this could be a high volume list at times.

The forum is open to all WP-ORG users: graduates, parents, etc....

You can review the forum's Terms Of Service to see if you might be interested in joining.

The provider of this service SERVES NOTICE that opinions expressed within this list do NOT reflect the opinion of the provider, nor does the provider necessarily agree with them. If at any time a discussion within the list becomes, in the opinion of the list's moderator(s), heated to the point where common decency and courtesy are lost, the moderator(s) (i.e., the list-admin or the owner of this list) reserve(s) the right to end the discussion.