"Always Remember, Never Surrender"

The crest of the Class of 2007 is an embodiment of what the class represents and a physical display of what inspires them. It is just as much for them as it is for posterity. The design for the crest was not picked out of a hat nor was it chosen for its aesthetics. Every element of the crest directly relates to some element of 2007's inspiration.

Two swords adorn the crest, representing the transition from cadet to officer. The Class of 2007, being the first class to begin that transition in wake of the events of September 11, 2001, has their crest emblazoned with the motto: Always Remember, Never Surrender. The crest invokes the memory of that day through its focal point: the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The North Tower has, inscribed with its windows, the numbers 9 1 1, which serve as both an identification of the date, and a call to state of emergency.

The Eagle of the Class of 2007 answers the call by gripping the motto with sharpened talons and displaying its colors on the underside of its left wing. The Eagle, the most prominent symbol of American power, pride, and tradition, stands poised for whatever trials may lie ahead. Its gaze is locked on the officer's saber, as it is in the United States Officer Corps that he looks to defend the nation whose colors he displays. In addition, this Eagle in particular is the Eagle of the Class of 2007, which eagerly awaits its opportunity to enter into this timeless profession. The Eagle presents seven stars on its flag, for the Class of 2007. The flag it displays is the most prominent, sacred, and powerful symbol of our nation. Revered by good, feared by evil, it embodies all that the Class of 2007 awaits in their call to duty.

At the very top of the crest appears the letters U.S.M.A.: United States Military Academy - West Point. West Point is at once the very foundation and the very pinnacle of our military, ethical, moral, and scholarly training. For this reason, it is given the most prominent position on the crest.

Four oak leaves envelop the attack sites, extolling the peace that the United States endeavors to maintain, that the towers embodied at the time of the attack, and the strength that is the Pentagon. About the Eagle's head are five arrowheads, symbols of America's military capability. There are more arrowheads than oak leaves because in order to regain that state of peace, America, and the Class of 2007, must now exert a greater degree of force than the typical; our show of strength is not so much planted on the home front as it is flying towards those who would harm us or other innocents, with great haste, precision, and deadly force.

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      2007 Crest

Presentation of the Crest

The Class of 2007 unveiled their class crest during the Crest Unveiling and Sponsor Appreciation Dinner at the Cadet Mess Hall, April 2, 2004. The design idea for the Class of 2007 crest was formulated by representatives from the class in remembrance of September 11, 2001. The class motto, 'Always Remember, Never Surrender', was selected by the class during cadet basic training and is incorporated into the design, along with images that serve to remind the Cadets to never give up in the face of threats to the nation’s freedom.
Class of 2007