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Are we the proud parents of our West Point class of 2002?
Oh yes we are !!!


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With Sadness we announce the death of one of our own. Cadet Joseph Dyer died at his home while on Christmas leave
Jan. 3rd, 1999 .

Joseph's Eulogy Site


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Thanks so much to the following families for adding to the photo collection:

The Alvear Family
The Beale Family
The Barton Family
The Bardunias Family
The Cosmini Family
The Joyce Family 
The Kahre Family
The Madorie family
The Martin family
The Poag Family
The Soyka Family
The Wise Family

and several others who didn't give
a name when sending pictures

We are proud to be the 123rd recipient of the "Cadet Honor Award"
This was our first award!!


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