Updated:  February 26, 2009 (Revised the list of POW Camps by dividing it into several pages.  This makes it much faster to locate a specific camp or group of camps.)


1.  Additional information about many of these POW Camps is available on Roger Mansell's web site.  To see the available information, go back to the Home Page, then look under "SEARCH AIDS" and click on "Internet Sites."  Then click on "Center for Research, Allied POWS under the Japanese."  When that site comes up, click on the word "LINKS" in the top line of the main page.  POW Camp names are in alphabetical sequence and those that are underlined (clickable) have additional information that may include a POW roster.  Roger updates his site frequently - keep checking it for more information.

2.  Except for two entries under China & Hong Kong, Civilian Internment Camps have not been included.

3.  The numbers at the left of each POW Camp name are for Japanese-pow Listserv members to use in identifying the names of POW Camps that appear on the "roster."  Numbers greater than 400 are not listed in numerical sequence.  The 400 series numbers are in Borneo.  The 500 series numbers are in the Formosa group of POW Camps and are located after POW Camp #169.  The 700 series numbers are at the end of the Philippine Islands Group of Camps.

4.  The revised list of POW Camps in Japan is based on "POW Camps in Japan Proper" by Toru Fukubayashi as translated by Yuka Ibuki.  It is augmented by information from Wes Injerd's ALL-JAPAN POW CAMP GROUP HISTORY web page. 

5.  The list of POW camps in Manchuria has been revised based on information in Cynthia B. Caples' article that is included on Roger Mansell's web site.  Instructions for opening Roger's web site are in Note 1, above.

        Charts of POW Camps:

For Lists of POW Camps in the following areas, click the name in the left column:

Country Numerical Code Numbers - used by Japanese-pow Listserv
Japan 1 - 150
Formosa (Taiwan) 161 - 169 Plus 501 - 508 (Inserted later)
Korea 170 -180
Manchuria 181 -185
China & Hong Kong 186 - 230 (most not used now)
Philippine Islands 300 - 329 Plus 701, 702, 720 & 721 (Inserted later)
Malaysia & Singapore 330 - 331
Sumatra 332 - 342
Java 343 - 357
Borneo 358, 359 & 401
Celebes 360 - 364
Other Dutch East Indies Islands 365 - 378
Burma Railway (External Link) *  Not assigned

*Note: Also called the "Burma-Siam Railway", "Thai-Burma Railway" or "Death Railway".   A complete list of POW Camps on the Burma Railway, including notes about most of the camps, is available on this web site.

    END of List of POW Camps