LIST of POW CAMPS in the Philippine Islands

NOTE: The initials "PMPC" in parentheses after some Philippine Islands POW Camps in the list below stands for "Philippine Military Prison Camp" and that is followed by a number. This is the POW Camp identification as it was used on the cards furnished by the Japanese to POWs to send home at times. If you have a POW card that shows a PMPC number for a camp and that number is not shown on this list (or you know the correct identification of other Camps), please send that information to John Lewis (see link at bottom of the Home Page) so this list can be further annotated. This will help others that may have cards to know where their relative was when the card was sent.

Luzon Island (300-320 & 701-703):

300 Bilibid Prison, Manila (PMPC #3)

301 Camp Murphy

302 Fort McKinley

303 Fort Santiago

304 Engineer Island

305 Las Pinas (PMPC #4)

306 Nichols Field

307 Paranaque

308 Port Terminal Building (PMPC #11)

309 Zablan Field

310 Bayambang (PMPC #5)

311 Cabanatuan Camp #1 (PMPC #1)

312 Cabanatuan Camp #2

313 Cabanatuan Camp #3

314 Limay (Bataan)

315 Lipa (Batangas) (PMPC #10B)

316 Nasugbu

317 O'Donnell

318 Pasay (Nielson & Nichols Fields Details) (PMPC #10D)

319 Tarlac

320 Tuy Air Force Base

701 Clark Field (PMPC #10C)

702 Tayabas

703 Bachrach Garage (PMPC #8)

Manila Bay Islands (321-325):

321 Fort Hughes

322 Fort Mills (PMPC #7)

323 Malinta Tunnel Hospital

324 92nd Garage

325 Fort Drum

Mindanao Island (326-328 & 720-721):

326 Davao Penal Colony (PMPC #2)

327 Lasang

328 Malaybalay (Camp Casisang)

720 Pettit Barracks

721 Keithley Barracks

Palawan Island (329):

329 Palawan Barracks, Palawan Island (PMPC #10A)

    END of POW Camps in the Philippine Islands